Thinking Liberally

October 9th, 2012

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Thinking liberally


October 9th, 2012

Help make Maine the first

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On November 6th voters in Maine will decide whether or not to legalize gay marriage in their state. If enough people vote "Yes on 1", Maine will become the FIRST state to legalize the freedom to marry through a voter referendum. This is big. "Ballot initiatives banning the legal recognition of same-sex marriage have succeeded in 31 states, and no state has ever approved same-sex marriage by popular vote." (Emphasis mine.) I really want to see this happen. My family is from Maine. Someday I might move there. Someday I might want to get married there.

There are plenty of people who live there and want to get married RIGHT NOW.

I just donated to the Mainers United for Marriage campaign to help get more ads on TV to counteract the negative ads being run by the groups that want to deny the right to marry to people who want it, need it, and deserve it.

Please, donate if you can afford to.
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