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[20 Jun 2012|08:13am]

I wanna RP!

[25 Apr 2011|09:22pm]

Hello folks~

I'm a wee bit on the late bus here, but I have arrived! The name is Jessi and I'm bringing back my three kiddos from Forsaken's previous run. As a quick FYI, I'm located in the Eastern time zone, playable times are in the evenings, and I have been running a bit slow on tags as I am currently suffering from unknown wrist problems. Hopefully that will be fixed soon.

First off I have this boy here. This is Emery, a sorceror. He's a bit of a wild card. Likes bending rules, likes girls, and pretty much plays by his own rules. Emery will help everyone from demons to angels for the right price.

Secondly there is Lucian ([info]_memoria). He's an older vampire and was originally the son of a witch, so he's got a tiny bit of magical flair. Lucian is, in short, one of your better vampires. He's a bit picky who he feeds from and though he appears like the dark and quiet type, he's rather friendly. Also, he's an artist.

Lastly I have Avna ([info]_stonecold). Avna is a gargoyle on a quest of vengeance. She's a bit cold, detached, watchful, and hunting down a demon (who has yet to be filled in game) for killing a loved one. She also has very little tolerance for the more unsavory types ;)

All of mine are open for interaction and plots, and feel free to contact me any time for plotting or chatting or whatever! I can be reached on AIM at ThereIsWarAtHand or by email at

Look forward to playing~
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[17 Apr 2011|08:44pm]

Hello all! Loni, from Tennessee(Central Time), here with a Were- and a Seer Human/Unknown.

There's [info]aviel_mizrahi the Were-Coyote from birth, who's just "gotten back" from a couple years just living on his own completely in Were- form. He's not the biggest fan of people, but he's surprisingly good at getting along with them and being friendly. He's kept his being a Were- secret, for the most part, at his father's behest. And is good friends with [info]mari0n. His bio can be found here.

And we have [info]psi_toph the Half Seer, Half Something. He's got issues, can be violent and is just an all around mixed up individual. Middle child/half-brother to [info]faery_kat and [info]mari0n. He's very protective of his sister's but Marion tends to get the brunt of his mood swings. Bio here.

Both are open for all sorts of interaction, so hit me up if you want to. I can be contacted via e-mail at and via AIM at jadeddementia. Er, you might want to mention Forsaken though, as I'm likely to not pay attention otherwise ^^;
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[17 Apr 2011|03:34pm]

Hey all. I'm Lissa and I have three vampires here for you.

This one is Isadora Santos (Mainly goes by Isa). She's 453 years old and basically a crazy bitch. There are very few she respects or adores and to those who gain her respect, she is fiercely protective of. She always hides her adoration.

I also have Cecily Hamilton [info]saintcecily (She goes solely by Cecy and no one knows her last name, maiden or married, except her creepy ass sire). She's 350 years old and she's gone through quite a few personality changes in her lifetime. As a human, she was the submissive daughter, then the submissive wife. She was taught that men (father or husband) are the main authority and no one should question that. As a vampire she first went on a murderous rampage that lasted a century (vampires that were around back then may have heard about it) and the last 250ish years she has settled into her current personality. She generally avoids attachment (though she does have two exes, one is a (male) vampire she met about 40 years ago and another is a young (male or female--originally female but can be changed) vampire she sired while they were dating). She's snarky and very flighty.

My last one is Simone Dubois [info]shehears. She's 329 and one of three vampire siblings. She's more on the quiet and polite side but she has some hidden secrets and regrets.

All three of my girls have specific lines open, so if you're interested in any of those let me know. They're also open to any other lines.

I can be found on aim at youngingenue but you'll have to be added to see me and my email is
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as requested, an introduction [17 Apr 2011|11:41am]

As our lovely leader/moderator/friend requested, I'm saying hello and introducing myself. My name is Julie, I live in the Midwest, in St. Louis, so I'm on CDT. I'm older than most of you, I know. I have 5 kids, one still at home, and two cats.

I am currently unemployed. I'm a published writer as well as a reviewer, and I also work at a couple of conventions. I've been published at Wicked Nights, Silver Publishing and Dreamspinner Press. If anyone's interested, ask me - I'll tell you all about my writing! Most of it is m/m romance, but certainly not all.

I have three characters at the game - Manannan is a member of the Tuatha danaan, Angelique is a vampire and Michael is an angel. I'm bringing in Manannan first - his pb is the gorgeous Gerard Butler from Attila - to get my feet wet again and get used to being in a game. Forgive me if I'm slow, but I'll do my best. I'm also in Jeia's psl, you should all check it out, it's great fun - I have a number of characters there.

You can reach me by email at, or on AIM at siriusdarklove.

I look forward to meeting those of you I don't know and playing with everyone! Guess that's it!

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