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Date: 2011-07-27 21:58
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The Daring Rescue Meme

1. Post as your character, listing any preferences you'd like respected.
2. The responder replies. They can select the scenario, or they can leave it to you to do it.
3. Whoever's doing the picking hits up the Random Number Generator for two numbers: one between 1 and 8, representing who the first character is being rescued from, and one between 1 and 5, representing the reason for the rescue.
4. Alternately, make up your own scenario if you want.
5. Play it out! You can play out the rescue itself if you want, or just the aftermath--or both.
6. Make sure you take note of any preferences a player might have and warn for triggers in the subject line if they crop up.
7. Have fun and make sure you swoon properly!

1] Their greatest enemy. For whatever the reason, the character's greatest enemy has finally made a move and taken them captive. Who knows what they plan to do to the poor character? Good thing you've come to save them.
2] Your greatest enemy. Your own enemy has decided to make a move against you--but not directly. They've taken this character hostage instead. Show them who's boss and rescue the victim!
3] Natural disaster. Come hell or high water, you'll save the character...and, in fact, it has come hell (in the form of fire, maybe) or high water (perhaps a flood?). Or something like that. Whatever. The point is, nature itself has it out for the character, and it's up to you to save them.
4] Wild animals. Stephen Colbert was right: bears are the number one threat. Or maybe lions. Make sure the character doesn't become dinner.
5] Supernatural forces. Actually, it's dragons. Or evil wizards. Or demons. Take your pick, just so long as you rescue the character from them.
6] Pirates. Just what the pirates intend to do with this character might be a mystery--could be they'll walk the plank, or worse. Time to pluck them from the hook-hands of danger.
7] Vice. The character has sunken into dissolution, perhaps out of despair or maybe from sheer uncontrollable self-indulgence. You're the only one who can step in and give them a new lease on life.
8] Their own bad judgment. The character is committed to a truly terrible course of action. Fortunately, you're here to make them see reason...one way or another.

1] Love. The fairy tales have it right. It's true love that spurs the knight to rescue his fair maiden...or vice versa.
2] Friendship. It's not always about kisses and ravishing, you know. Sometimes, you've just gotta look out for friends and family, no matter what sticky situations they get themselves into.
3] Rivalry. Only you're allowed to dish it out to the character! Better make sure no one else gets in your way.
4] Debt. The character owes you, in one way or another. They don't think they can get off easy, do they?
5] Money. Plain and simple: you were hired for the task. It's nothing personal, just business.

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[continued from here]



[I'm sorry, could you run that past her again, please? She may not have heard you right over the sudden rush of blood to her face and what with her heartbeat pounding in her ears like this.]

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