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[17 Nov 2008|02:58am]
Who all is still here?

We have two open threads and no replies. Get to gettin', please, people.
If we ever expect this place to grow up big and strong we have to show people that we do have activity.

And the mod would really rather not have to do all the playing by myself, kthx. I'd write a weird ass fanfiction if that were the case.
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IN-GAME EVENT! [07 Nov 2008|05:39pm]
All threads prior to this are hereby closed. Please start a new one with the event in effect.

There has been a major blizzard, blanketing the entire city (and all surrounding fields, forests, the lake [now ice]) with more than two feet of snow. All residents are advised to seek shelter.

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[19 Oct 2008|02:01pm]

Cast: Peggy Hill and whoever
Open/closed: OPEN!
Status: Incomplete

Peggy had stormed off after an argument with Hank over the best way to throw Bobby's 14th birthday party- and wound up OUTSIDE! "Well, this sure doesn't look like Texas," she muttered, "It's my opinion that this place could definitely use some work. Cheerier colors, some lighting." She paused to look at her reflection in a store window, oblivious to the fact that she could not just turn around and wind back up in Arlen.

"HAAAAAAAANK? WHERE ARE YOU? THIS ISN'T FUNNY!" she shouted upon realizing that she was alone, "BOBBYYYYYYYY? LUUUUAAAAAAANNE?" She crossed her arms across her chest and pouted. "Where are they? Oh, I bet they think this is so funny, poor little Peggy, lost in some weird little ghost town."
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Welcome! [18 Oct 2008|08:12pm]
I ask that all posts be made friends only.
Please attach the following to the top of each post:

Status: (complete or incomplete)
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