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    Monday, March 10th, 2008
    Monday, March 10th, 2008 @ 6:17am
    A Guardian Angel
    He had been a vampire for hundreds of years. Once a terrible plague upon the world, killing everything that got in his way. But one night he had made the mistake of killing a gypsy princess and was cursed with a soul. Since then Angel had no real purpose in life. Before as a blood hungry monster he knew his goal in life was to destroy everything, kill everyone. But with a soul he was just a cursed vampire moving from one city to another, uncertain of his path in life and empty inside. He was tormented by his soul until one day a demon found him in some dark alleyway catching rats for his supper. The demon offered him a chance at a new life, putting his soul to good use instead of wasting it for an eternity. So what could Angel do but agree to go with demon to Los Angeles to seek out his charge, a young girl by the name of Buffy Summers.

    Immediately upon seeing her, Angel felt some kind of deep connection towards her. Back then she was so naive and in-experienced. Chosen to be a slayer, one who killed his kind. So he followed her from Los Angeles to the town of Sunnydale. There he continued to watch over her, make sure no real harm came to her, but at the same time keeping his distance, never allowing her to see him for if she discovered him she would surely drive a stake through his heart, and then who would keep her from certain death when it came time to face the Master and destroy the Hellmouth that the town was built upon ?

    So the vampire with a soul made a home for himself in Sunnydale, California. Watched the slayer mature and grow stronger as each day passed by.

    A normal night for Angel. He had visited the local butchers shop and had brought himself some fresh, pigs blood. Having drunken the luke, warm animals blood he then made his way to the usual spots where he might find the petite, blonde haired slayer.

    First he tried the only night club in Sunnydale for teenagers. The Bronze. He stayed for a few hours, hidden in the shadows, away from the crowds waiting for her. He was about to leave and search the local cemeteries in town when he suddenly saw her enter with her friends, Willow and Xander.

    Angel couldn't help but allow a small smile touch his lips as he watched her walk over to the bar to order some soft drinks. She truly was a beautiful young girl. That was obvious by the constant stares of other men around her, including one Xander Harris. It was clearly seen by all except Buffy that her friend had a huge crush on the slayer. Though Angel could never see her dating such a young man, he was too foolish and unprepared for the world, she needed somebody to take care of her, always be by her side. Besides they would and could never understand the powerful gift she contained with in her body. She was a slayer, the chosen one no less. Her powers were endless, that he had seen from constantly watching her fight and slay vampire and demon, one after the other. Buffy Summers was truly a marvelous young woman that he admired greatly, even if he was a vampire.

    Making himself comfortable, Angel leaned up against one of the back walls and continued to watch her enjoy herself with her friends.

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