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    Thursday, July 24th, 2008
    6:29 pm
    She's Just A Girl
    Seeing her face fall as she spoke about school pulled at Angel's dead heart. He always was the popular guy among his peers since he was young. When he got old enough to drink every man wished to have his care free attitude and women wished for an once of his attention.

    Education was a necessity in these times, he knew that, but he was worried that perhaps she was only stressing herself considering the fact slayers usually didn't last longer than a year or two. But there was something that tied her to this world, things that gave her reason to fight so hard each night.

    "Maybe you should get a tutor for those subjects you are having trouble in."
    Monday, June 9th, 2008
    1:19 am
    second meeting.
    That night, Buffy couldn't sleep at all. Images ran through her head of their meeting and then of what they talked about and then of when he called her the Slayer. None of it made any sense. How had he known? More than anything, she wanted to just get up and go find him, where ever he was..

    "Boys suck." Those were her final words before another attempt was made at sleep.


    The next day seemed to drag on forever. Buffy couldn't wait until nightfall when she could slip away to the Bronze again, only hoping that he would show. She kept having to make excuses to why she was so distracted and to shush Willow every time she asked about 'the new guy' Buffy had met. Rolling her eyes, her response was always the same. "He's just some guy I met Will.." She didn't feel the need to tell her the whole truth yet. She wasn't even sure what the whole truth was yet. Oh but she was going to find out.

    As soon as the sun had set, Buffy crept out the door, yelling to her mom that she would be home late. This time, Willow and Xander hadn't come along, which was probably better because she had run into some trouble on the way there.

    Finally arriving underneath the glow of the neon sign, Buffy took a deep breath, then she took a step inside.

    ((open to Angel ;]))
    Sunday, June 8th, 2008
    12:42 am
    Squinting through the blackened windshield I make my way to the Slayer's new town. The rain is pouring down on my car as I see the 'Welcome to Sunnydale' sign. With a huff I shake my head at the irony. Irony might as well be my middle name; I was the Scourge of Europe for many decades and here I am preparing myself to help the new Slayer. Whistler said that she had to be moved in order to dodge such attention of a huge city like L.A. I was told not to be fooled by the mere size of the town because it sat on top of a mouth to hell. To be honest I am excited to meet this new slayer..every talks about how she is so different from previous ones. She isn't afraid to banter even in a life or death situation. I remember the night Spike came home boasting about killing a slayer, then word came to me years after I got my soul that he had killed another. A part of me wondered how well trained these slayers are if someone like Spike can kill them.

    Putting the thought of death out of my head I pull up to the apartment complex Whistler had told me to go to. A few clouds drift across the moon blocking out the light covering the area in darkness. I feel a vampire nearby and when I stare into the shadows I know he feels my age. He quietly leaves as quick as he came. Reaching in the passenger seat I grab my one lonely bag of belongings before reaching into my pocket for the key.

    When I walk into the apartment I am slightly impressed with the size. There is a bed with sheets already set up; however the rest of the apartment is empty except for a fridge. Looking at the contraption my stomach growls, reminding me that I haven't eaten in a day. I figure that a butcher won't be open at this time so it looks like I'll have to find a few rats or perhaps small dog.
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