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March 16th, 2008

FRR Awareness Month

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Always On Your Side has been brought back to the world wide web, and with that comes the return of FRR Awareness Month! There is less than one month until Awareness Month (scheduled for April 2008), and things are being done a bit differently this years. Really the only change this time around is that people wishing to participate in FRR Awareness Month in April must register. Registration is easy and it's free, simply fill in the required fields on the page and then I will approve you and send you further information about where Awareness will take place:

2008 FRR Awareness Registration

Mark your calenders for April 1, 2008! I hope to see some Frippers join!



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Welcome to [info]follmerreyes. This is a place to discuss the relationship between Brad Follmer and Monica Reyes on "The X-Files". Posts containing FRR icons, artwork and ramblings are more than welcome! Have fun!

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