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Jul. 1st, 2010 @ 02:34 am New community mod announcement
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This dressing room is an offshoot of the FMA Dressing Room community on Livejournal, put here so that people could have a billion icons, not have to deal with LJ's recent douchebaggery, and the like. Of course, the community on LJ is not being shut down -- partly because most FMA RPers are on LJ, and partly because we still have several months of paid time left thanks to Icarus.

So, what this means is! The two communities will run side by side. Characters who are in one are welcome to show up in the other whenever they like, to cross-post entries, or whatever. Or, you can stick to just one of them! For the purposes of the dressing room's "canon", both communities count the same. If a building is blow up in the LJ community, it should stay blown up on IJ. This is pretty much so that any characters coming over from LJ can keep their development and CR from there, and vice versa. If you don't want your characters to remember the LJ dressing room, that's fine too; they can be new to Fake Central when you post them over here.

If anything super major happens to alter the setting over on LJ, we'll make an announcement over here to inform everyone, and vice versa. In addition, the same events will happen in both communities at the same time. That said, right now Fake Central is experiencing an Over-the-top emo and wangst event (more info here). Go wild with that, if you want to!

Any questions or concerns can be addressed here, and all the info you need for the game can be found in the mod journal, [info]fmadressingmods.

Also, if anyone can help us out with making a better layout for the communities over here, we'd really appreciate it! We can pay you in love and e-cookies.