Aug. 26th, 2014


This game is now closed.

Aug. 13th, 2014


Okay guys, I want things...all the things? But I also need to let you all know that my doctor has put me on prozac due to my anxiety. I have never been on anything like this before, and so I don't know how I will adjust to it. It's just the first one we're trying, so if I'm a little off I apologize. He also gave me xanax for when I'm about to have a panic attack or something, because I've been worrying and stressing over the smallest stupidest things. So far I've taken prozac today and yesterday and the only change I've noticed is I don't have an appetite. But I just wanted to make people aware because there are a ton of side effects and I don't know what I will or won't have yet.

That being said, all of my kiddos are available for plot and play.

Jul. 28th, 2014


I apologize that I still have a few characters I haven't introed. The heat was making me sick last week and this week has been a scramble to get caught up. I will try to intro everyone today.

- Lissa


My computer died last night..sadness, I know. But the upside is my mamaw was nice enough to order me a new tower this morning, and the estimated delivery time is sometime between the 30th of this month and the 5th of August. So, provided that they live up to that I shouldn't be out a computer for much longer. For the moment all this means is that I will be slow tagging stuff, because my mamaw's tablet isn't as easy to type on as a keyboard. So, everyone knock on wood that it does come sooner rather than later.


Jul. 24th, 2014


Hey it's Jess again and I'm bringing in a few more characters.

Catherine Rollins--[info]cath_rollins--Hawaii Five-0 --- Catherine comes in from the end of season 4 of Hawaii Five-0. She had been left in Afganistan, sharing an emotional goodbye with Steve over the phone, but now she's back on the island and has no idea why she's back and what is happening. She'll do what she can to help Five-0 out though.

John Reese--[info]man_in_suit -- Person Of Interest --- Reese comes into the game from the end of Season 3 of Person Of Interest. The last thing he remembers was splitting from Harold after Decima discovered their hideout and put the hit out on team machine, forcing Reese, Harold, Shaw and Root on the run. Now John finds himself in Hawaii with no way off the island and no contact with his friends which has him worried. With no way off the island he has no choice but to try to make the best of it.

Don Flack--[info]witty_detective -- CSI NY --- Flack comes into the game from the end of season 9 of CSI NY. Last thing he remembers was just another day on the job as an NYPD detective. Now he's in Hawaii and he has no idea how he got here or why he's here. But he'll make the most of it and lend a hand while he's here.

Jul. 22nd, 2014


Hey everyone! I meant to do an OOC post a few days ago, but my RL exploded in the worst way and I've been busy dealing with all of that. Things are finally calming down, so now I'm finally getting around to bringing my characters to you! To save on potential confusion, I'm having it that they're all coming in now instead of when they were accepted to account for anything they would have answered had my whole life not gone off the rails.

Anyway, here's who I have at the moment:

Stiles Stilinski, [info]withaplan, Teen Wolf. He's from episode 4 of season 4 if anyone else is watching the series. Out of all the supernatural things in the show, Stiles is pretty much the token human, but he doesn't let that hold him back. He comes up with the plans (some good, some bad), acts as the comic relief, the back up and the strategist. He's a lot smarter than he gives himself credit for, but a lot more human than he sometimes remembers. He's also socially awkward, goofy and generally adorable when not dealing with the supernatural horrors in Beacon Hills.

Peter Hale, [info]notfireproof, Teen Wolf. He is also from episode 4 of season 4, so he's a little miffed because first, he was robbed and then he was attacked and nearly killed. For those unfamiliar with Peter, he's mostly loyal to only himself with rare exceptions. He doesn't like to cling to sentiment and is, as he calls it "a creature of habit." Peter is not afraid to get violent if he needs to be, has a preternaturally strong tendency for vengeance if he's been wrong, he's INSANELY smart and very manipulative. He's also a werewolf. So add that to the list of reasons why you should not piss him off.

Richie Gecko, [info]imaprodigy, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. Richie is from the season finale of the first season, so he's a culebra. For anyone not familiar with the series, it's essentially a Mayan snake vampire, that's mostly like the regular kind except in culebra form, he has snake-like eyes, fangs and a slightly scaly complexion. Other than that, he does need blood (and he can sort of "taste" your soul. ANY VOLUNTEERS?) like regular vampires. When he's not dealing with that, he's socially inept (in the rude way, not the adorable awkward way), somewhat rude, straightforward, paranoid and generally hard to deal with if he doesn't have a reason to try and be nice.

All of them have contact posts if you want to reach me!

Jul. 18th, 2014


It's gonna take me a while to do the taken and housing pages tonight since I'm two days behind but go ahead and start playing, you guys. We've been open since Wednesday.


Jul. 17th, 2014


Hey everyone, Jess here. Thought I'd drop by and introduce myself and the characters I'll be playing in the game.

Oliver Queen--[info]vigilantearcher--Arrow ---Oliver comes into the game from the end of season 2 of Arrow. He's defeated Slade and saved the city of Starling once again right before he appears in Hawaii. He's been in Hawaii for about a month now and is working as a Private Investigator and liason to the government while patroling the streets at night as the Arrow like he did back in Starling City. The only ones to know about his vigilante status are Laurel Lance and Felicity Smoak. Oliver is still in love with Laurel and wants to get back together with her but has yet to tell her. Because of what happened to him while on Lian Yeu he doesn't trust strangers easily.

Dean Winchester--[info]tortured_hunter--Supernatural --- Dean comes from season 7 of Supernatural before any of the things in seasons 8 and 9 happened since there were parts in those seasons I didn't much like. Dean has just found out that Castiel is being controlled by Leviathans.

Kensi Blye--[info]sniper_expert--NCIS: Los Angeles --- Kensi comes from the end of season 5 of NCIS Los Angeles. She's a Special Agent with the Naval Investigative Service (NCIS) Office Of Special Projects (OSP). She's been in Hawaii about a month now and continues work as an NCIS Agent, working out of Hawaii's NCIS office. She's concerned about why she is in Hawaii and is also concerned about the rest of her team since the last thing she remembers from back in Los Angeles is that Callen and Sam were trapped in a submarine and she and her partner Marty Deeks had been trying to find them.

Ziva David--[info]mossad_ninja--NCIS --- Ziva comes from the end of the season 11 episode "Past, Present and Future". She left NCIS and had an emotional goodbye with her partner and best friend Tony DiNozzo where she basically told him that she loved him. Suddenly and unexplainably finding herself in Hawaii she's confused and worried. She's been in Hawaii about three months and after giving it some serious thought has decided to return to NCIS as an agent.

All my characters are open for plotting and things. You can message me for discussions of anything or just to chat and get to know me a little better. I'm a fan of Arrow, Supernatural, NCIS LA, NCIS, and Hawaii Five-0 and I'm up to date on all seasons of all shows.


Misha again. I have doubled my cast list today :P Joining Sam Matthews, Tobias Eaton, and Tom Mason are Daryl Dixon, Sam Winchester, and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Daryl is current through the end of S4, and he's been here for about a month, so he's fairly well settled in, at least in so far as Daryl can be settled in anywhere. He's restless and irritable, but open to any and all plots.

Sammy's from the very beginning of S7, where he's just starting to be aware of Lucifer in his head. He hasn't acknowledged Luci yet, so it's a subtle harassment, and Sam is able to tune him out with proper distractions. We'll see hop long that lasts! Hah. I do love to torment my Sammy. He is open to most anything, but I'm not sure he could take on a romantic line at this point. Well, I suppose he could if the other person was patient and understanding of his situation with Luci...

Wes is coming in from the very end of S4, moments before Angel accepts Lilah's terms and seals the deal to take control of Wolfram & Hart's LA branch. He's rough around the edges, and still reeling from Lilah's unnecessary death and the cold hard truth that he could never have saved her, not even from herself. Wes is destined for a relationship with Sookie Stackhouse, but he is available for any and all other plot!


Lissa here with more intros.

Rose Hathaway is coming from near the end of Last Sacrifice (right before the gunshot). For those who don't know the series, Rose is a dhampir (half vampire, half human) who was raised to protect moroi (the good vampires). She protects one in particular, Lissa Dragomr. She's a badass fighter, sarcastic and tends to be irresponsible (though she's getting better!)

Allison Argent from Teen Wolf is coming from just after she died. I don't know the rules here on that one... will she need to be healed upon arrival or do she arrive healed? She is a werewolf hunter who is wicked with a crossbow.

Faye Chamberlain from The Secret Circle. She's coming from after book 3 The Power. She is co-leader of the coven along with Cassie and Diana. She doesn't believe in just light magic or just dark magic, she believes that they can both be used to suit whatever need. She has no qualms about using either. She can be a bitch of a bitch and is very outspoken, but ultimately she does mean well.

These three are joining Emma Carstairs and Annabeth Chase. All five of my girls are open for plot.

So far that's all I have planned, but I will undoubtedly be enabled into more.

Jul. 16th, 2014


Hello! I'm Misha. I've successfully apped three of my boys: Sam Matthews (Nikita), Tobias Eaton (Divergent), and Tom Mason (Falling Skies). Sam Winchester and Daryl Dixon are next up, and if you know me, you know I'm open to bringing in others. :)

I'm excited for this game, and I can't wait to see it come to life. I am open to any and all plot, so let's chat! Tom especially needs plot, and D and Sammy when they come in. Sam M and Tobias have Alex and Tris for instaplot, but they're open to other lines and random interactions too!

As for me, I'm a teacher, I work with special ed kids. I'm currently on summer break, but I go back to work on July 29. Waaaaay early. Augh. I can't IJ when I'm at work, but I'm on most nights till about 10 or 11 pm Eastern US time. I can check email, and I tend to keep AIM open on my phone too, so there's that. Yay.


Hey guys, I'm Lissa and I have two for now and two to bring in once I finish plotting with Beth.

Emma Carstairs from The Shadowhunter Chronicles (TMI/TID/TDA). She's from four years past City of Heavenly Fire/one year before TDA begins. She's 16 years old, sarcastic, arrogant and the best fighter since Jace Wayland/Morgenstern/Lightwood/Herondale. In fact, if you're familiar with the series at all, she is basically a female Jace. She lost her parents when she was 12 and she's driven by revenge. Her parabatai isn't here, so she's pretty annoyed by being separated from him. Guys, Emma is really awake and I want all of the plot with her.

Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson series is here with me as well. She's from The Mark of Athena since I still haven't finished House of Hades (I'm trying, really!) She's also an excellent fighter, she's very smart (daughter of the goddess wisdom and battle strategy, after all). She's going to be pretty peeved that she's separated from her boyfriend. She's also injured (until I finish House of Hades, I have no way of bringing her into games not-injured and maybe not even then).

The other characters I have on hold are Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy and Allison Argent from Teen Wolf.


Okay, hello everyone, I'm Cassie and I've got two guys to share with you today.

This is Steve McGarrett, big kahuna on the 5-0 taskforce so if your characters are in need of any help/have questions/etc he's around! He can be a bit militant but what can you do? He's current with canon.

I've also got Chuck [info]youreaces. Chuck's coming from Chuck Vs. The Goodbye and he's been in Hawaii a few months now. He works with Veronica at Mars Investigations, since he doesn't have any of his old Carmichael Industries partners with him here, and if any arrive he will probably suggest they come work there too since they were gonna dissolve the company anyway.

If you're not familiar with Chuck, he used to be a human supercomputer for the CIA, but he's not anymore.

Yeah sorry this is short and kind of bland but I didn't get much sleep. Feel free to hit us up on our contact posts or on Skype at cassandraryan89. I don't have AIM, I might end up getting one. You can always email me at too!

Jul. 14th, 2014


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