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Feb. 27th, 2012


March plot

Hellooo First Order! It's the eve of a brand new month and that means time to talk plot.

But before we begin, don't forget to run the friend button now that we've added some wonderful new players to our ranks.

And now to plot!

March begins with the birth of Ron Weasley on March 1.

The Ministry's plan to track Floo and Apparation becomes less theoretical and more practical. Plans aren't released to the public yet but Order members in the Ministry find out as things become more firm. The Death Eaters are also in the loop when one of Alecto's contacts mentions it to her.

With each side desperate to prevent its members from being tracked, teams are dispatched to the Ministry. All in game Death Eaters will be going (along with a couple NPCs) under the direction of Bellatrix (and Rodolphus) Lestrange. This is the first big test of the Lestrange's new leadership since their promotion.

On the Order side, a handful of members will go. Comment below to volunteer! Order members with strength in Charms or familiarity with the Ministry is recommended but any Order member who wants to help is welcome.

The goal for each side is to modify the spellwork of the potential registry so that the OotP and the DEs have either false entries for their members or their members are not recorded entirely (each side can choose the solution that they feel is best). And both sides break into the Ministry on the same night which means...

Time for a battle! And this is where I need your feedback. There are two options: either the battle takes place in an entry with new threads for each interaction or combatants can write their own logs. Thoughts? Opinions?

And I need one more piece of feedback: would you prefer to select people to duel against or shall I assign fighters randomly?

The fighting prevents either side from accomplishing its task but the Order walks away with a much needed win - their first in about three months. To celebrate, they have a party where they take The Photograph.

Unfortunately, this means Bellatrix was not successful (sorry Bellatrix). Voldemort isn't pleased and to make amends, she offers a plan B. Rabastan will release (or cause to be released) news of the planned tracking over the wireless, in the hopes that the Wizarding public will not stand for it.

She's right: protests erupt in Diagon Alley against the plan.

The Prophecy has been moved to March to accommodate timing issues. If you play a Longbottom or a Potter, please get in touch with me ASAP to let me know how many definaces have happened.

I know things have been quiet but I am absolutely committed to getting things going and I will do anything I can to make this a great. Let's think of February as a warm up period and really grab hold of March.

Comment with any ideas or questions you have, your opinion of the feedback points, and to volunteer for the mission if you are a member of the Order (if there are no volunteers, I will assign people).

As always, I'm available on AIM at CallieGirl012 or at and

Feb. 26th, 2012


I suppose that I should let everyone know that I'm going to be in Vermont with Dreamy Boyfriend and his family from sometime Thursday morning until sometime Sunday evening. I miiiight be around a little on Friday, depending, because they are all going skiing and I am a. too clumsy (I once cut myself on a totally smooth wall) and b. too loathing of being cold to do such a thing and am thus staying back to look after his ADORABLE 9-MONTH-OLD NEPHEW WHEEEEE but if Baby takes a nap and there is wifi for my nook I might check in. But other than that, no Sara next weekend. NOW YOU KNOW.

*Cross-posted LIBERALLY.

Feb. 21st, 2012


Hi everyone! This Char with my second: Rabastan Lestrange. His info is basic but it's there for perusal. My design for him started around the idea of the heir and the spare, which led directly to the idea that Rabastan is the kind of person who would dream of being an MTV VJ if it was a few years later and he was a Muggle (or maybe be on the Real World). He likes knowing the way world works, likes knowing his place and basically wants to live a very good life where he doesn't have to work very hard for anything. He also is very much on Team Lestrange and supports his brother in everything and definitely does what he's told. He's a Death Eater not because he's sadistic and wants to hurt Muggles but because he truly believes it's better for everyone for Purebloods to be in charge of things. He's a co-host of a countdown for the wizarding wireless.

As always, I'm available at CallieGirl012 on AIM or

Feb. 19th, 2012


Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay in introducing myself but it's been a busy weekend! I'm Kirsten and I'm bringing you the lovely Frank Longbottom.

He's a member of the Order, an auror, and married to Alice Longbottom. If your character is in the Order, in the Ministry, friends with the Longbottoms or just happens to be in the vicinity of the Longbottoms then you can bet that they've probably heard them yelling at each other.

My brain isn't all here right now so I'm going to take the lazy route. All you need to know about Frank is here! He's very much a Gryffindor. A hot-headed, impulsive, stubborn Gryffindor. :)

If anyone wants to chat or plot you can bother me on AIM: razorbladetongue. :)

Feb. 15th, 2012


Hello! My name is Sara, and this is Andromeda Tonks. You all know the basics, I'm sure, but to sum them up: Ted's wife, Nymphadora's mu (she insists on calling her Nymphadora, no Dora, no Nymphy, JUST NYMPHADORA, IT'S A LOVELY NAME OK,) Bellatrix and Narcissa's wayward sister.

My version of Meda is very introverted, quiet and practical, not quite shy but not quite not either. She adores her sisters and is deeply saddened by their current relationships. But Ted and Nymphadora are her life and she wouldn't give them up for anything.

She works in the Magical Bugs and Diseases ward at St. mungos, so she may have met your character there! Or...anywhere else you'd like!

Please don't judge her journal's lack of prettiness/icons, I am at work and cannot spruce things up right now. ^^'

Reach me at (I'm almost always on gchat!) SavageFlight on aim, or [info]petrichor

Feb. 12th, 2012


Hello all! I'm Trinity! I'm here because Char made me do it. Really, there was gunpoint involved.

This here girl is one lovely Lily Potter. Currently pregnant with the future savior of wizard-kind, and married to that arrogant toerag James Potter. She loves her arrogant toerag, though. Some things to know about Lily:

--she trained as a Healer but is devoting herself full time to the Order at the moment.

--she's kind, yes, but part of that kindness comes from her willingness to be completely honest and she doesn't ever mince words. Simply put, she's incredibly blunt.

--she couldn't fly on a broomstick if it came with autopilot.

--she secretly hopes her baby will have red hair like hers.

Poke me on AIM if you see me around: spoongirltrinity. Let's plot!

Feb. 10th, 2012


Why hello! I am Dee (important details: thirty-something, Australian, on during work hours which translates to American afternoon/evenings and rarely on weekends). I bring you two ladies of the Order (which is weird for me, where are my evil men, I am confused!) who will both end up dead or otherwise decommissioned:

- Dorcas Meadowes here, who is a Muggleborn anarchist of the near-terrorist variety (that nearness is a line she puts her large-booted feet over rather more often than many of her colleagues will be comfortable with). A former Ravenclaw, she harnesses argumentative smarts into experimenting with potions, charms, runes and explosives. She believes in sacrifices for the cause, including collateral damage. She calls a spade a bloody shovel. She likes beer and ouzo - not together.

- Alice Longbottom is currently lacking in icons while I carefully discard all the "minx sex kitten" faces from the Jessica Alba sets. She is a well-bred, well-mannered, well-groomed pureblood girl, stretched thin over an all-business Auror with a seething temper. She's an ex-Slytherin Italian trying extremely hard to be very English. And she's currently even more pissed off with her husband than usual because she's pregnant in the middle of a war for fuck's sake. (The Longbottoms are putting the fun back in dysfunctional, oh yes.)

I love to plot, the more convoluted, unexpected, and unpleasant for my characters (emotionally or physically) the better, so hit me up with any zany ideas you have at hands on heads on AIM, or cupiscent @ gmail.