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Spring Cleaning [17 Mar 2011|12:24pm]

So, it's been awhile since I've actually checked my own personal Insane Journal as well as update the good ol' muse box. It's really hard to have multiple blogs and when I already have a Live Journal well, it makes coming here useless unless I'm RPGing. SO! With that said... Fire Tavern is going to be renovated!

All posts before this one will be marked private. I want to start fresh again and re-manage this place well instead of having it all over the place like I did before. I also have gotten rid of a few muses that I thought I would role play but just can't seem to get the character spot on.

I'm going to be doing some in-depth research on every character I choose to play. I find that when I write someone I tend to be too out of character than planned. I want their personalities to stay in check. I have gotten rid of [info]hungrywolf, [info]littlelamb, and will be dropping [info]whitesorceress. I never really liked Rinoa as much as all my other characters she's mainly fun to just be a bitch and make everyone hate her. I want to write people I actually love writing and Rinoa doesn't fit that.

Also, I'm going to try and make a schedule for myself so I can keep this active. God knows I need it.

Stay tuned.
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Rei's Relationships [27 Jan 2011|06:36am]

[ mood | hungry ]

Rei Hino's relationships for [info]pateslacrepe.

Rei Hino's Relationships )

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Aerith's Relationships [27 Jan 2011|06:35am]

Just what Aerith thinks of everyone she's met while she's being at [info]pateslacrepe.

Relationships )
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