August 20th, 2015

[info]addictpainter in [info]find_players

Hey there, I'm looking for fans of Devious Maids to join a game I'm in. I'm bring in Remi Delatour, and I would really love a Valentine for him. I would definitely like any other characters from the show though. If anyone's interested, let me know.

[info]ourburrow in [info]find_players

Our Burrow is a mostly-canon, socially driven, soap-opera & sitcom antic filled game that takes place in the Wizarding World in 2005. We are not epilogue compliant as a whole, although we do not mind if you choose to utilize epilogue futures for your own characters if you so choose. The game is open-world - meaning that players are free to bring in all manner of ideas and plots to be used, not just for their own characters, but also for the game as a whole. The world is constantly growing and evolving. We would love to have any new characters people are interested in, but here are a few specific names that come with pre-existing character connections. For more character concepts we'd like to see, please check the wanted page, the anonymous wishes page, or the plotting journal: [info]plotb.

〄 [Name/Gender Open] Borgin: Half of the heirs to Borgin & Burkes. The other half is the children of Eirene Burke, the Montgomery triplets. We have a couple of different ideas about how this could play out, depending on player interest. ([info]feelup, [info]pg, [info]pmont)

〄 Michael Corner: Has a FWB deal going with Ginny ([info]gwsl). Might be thinking about wanting to turn into something real. Also works for CERM with several other brainy types. ([info]smartmouthnev, [info]feuille, [info]giacomo)

〄 Fleur Delacour-Weasley: Pregnant socialite who isn't sure if her husband is the baby's father. Also, her sister ([info]lasirene) is working on being famous & could use her support. Potential bb daddy line is open to player choice, although the original one is still available if wanted. ([info]rake)

〄 [Name/Gender Open] Fawley: Does not have to be named Fawley. But would be related in some way to Sebastian Fawley, who just retired and left his co-op medical practice, Fawley & Associates, to the other partners. Other than the assumption that nepotism was involved in their hiring, this character is completely open to player interpretation. ([info]giacomo, [info]guffygold, [info]julst)

〄 Marcus Flint: He has an ex-girlfriend ([info]mora), and would make a great addition to the #FALCONBROS crew, if that's something that would interest him. ([info]tursach, [info]rake, [info]uqhrt)

〄 Giovanni Goldstein: 32 year old brother of Jackie, Julie, and Anthony. Was raised Jewish & Catholic. Parents are dead. How these things impacted his life is up to you. Not required but wouldn't mind seeing: Him married with a kid or two. Might be Charlie's one male friend. May or may not look like Max Greenfield. ([info]giacomo, [info]guffygold, [info]julst, [info]wasley)

〄 Antonio Goldstein: 25 year old brother of Jackie, Gio, and Julie. Was raised Jewish & Catholic. Parents died in his second year. His oldest brother became his dad. How these things impacted his life is up to you. Fair warning, his brother-dad & sister-mom do like to get too involved in his love life, and publicly discuss setting him up on dates. May or may not look like Skylar Astin. ([info]giacomo, [info]guffygold, [info]julst)

〄 Gregory Goyle: Honestly, you can play him any way you like. But for a couple of interpretations that could be fun and build more connections... Having him be a professional duelist on The Dueling Wars (it's like the magic version of WWE). Having him be a manny for some of the parents in game. ([info]misjustice, [info]pg) Having him work as a medi-wizard for Fawley & Associates. Maybe he's a little bit like Morgan? ([info]giacomo, [info]guffygold, [info]julst)

〄 Malcolm MacDougal: Has a younger sister, and two living step-brothers. May or may not have gotten himself into some deep doo-doo. ([info]mora, [info]uqhrt, [info]drma)

〄 Adrian Pucey: Could also potentially be a great candidate for #FALCONBROS. And his little sister wouldn't mind having him around. ([info]portfoleanne, [info]rake, [info]tursach, [info]uqhrt)

〄 Augustus Pye: Could potentially be a great candidate for Fawley & Associates. We were hoping one of the partners would specialize in Muggle medicine, and this seems right up his alley. He also might know Meaghan McCormack. ([info]giacomo, [info]guffygold, [info]julst, [info]sortacaptain)

〄 Lex Urquhart: Has a living younger brother and two step siblings. ([info]mora, [info]uqhrt)

〄 Bill Weasley: Is the only Weasley missing, and his bestmate wouldn't mind having him around, either. He's also turned into a bit of a cheater. Shhh. ([info]wasley, [info]mediaweasley, [info]gwsly, [info]rwsl, [info]gwsl, [info]sortacaptain)

〄 All of the Weird Sisters because Kirley needs his band, and the older generation is so awesome. ([info]krly, [info]sortacaptain, [info]stethed, [info]giacomo, [info]guffygold, [info]quigleychang, [info]wasley, [info]misjustice)