August 2nd, 2015

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Tokyo Drifters - GPSL

On the 16th of October, 1985, JAL flight 771 from London to Tokyo experienced some minor turbulence. During the incident, flight personnel were forced to restrain elderly passenger Ugaki Murai, after several female passengers complained Murai was splashing them with an unknown substance.

Within the following year, eight women from flight 771 fell pregnant. Each woman died within 8 hours of giving birth, from a postpartum hemorrhage.

In 2015, the eight children (now 30) shared the same dream - that of a red light engulfing the city of Tokyo, Japan. Unable to explain their actions with family or friends, the eight strangers, each from radically differing backgrounds and situations, are leaving their home country and making their way to Tokyo.

They are The Drifters. They are The Light.
They are The End. They are The Beginning.



Tokyo Drifters is an urban fantasy GPSL, based on Japanese Mythology, inspired by Sense8. Applications are currently open.