April 27th, 2011

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☾ Moonlight Nocturne
Welcome to Seattle, Washington, where the grass is green all the time, where the air always smells like the ocean, and where the next end of the world is scheduled to take place, T minus: now.

Something is happening in Seattle. People are showing up dead with no explicable cause, people are reporting seeing monsters in the streets late at night, and young men and women all around the city are beginning to change. Ordinary at first, but at a moment of danger they find themselves either drawn to it... or bringing it about.

You are a student, or maybe you're not. You are a businessman, or maybe you're not. You are a mother, a daughter, a son, a husband. You are a father, a sister, a brother. But you are also something else, something not meant for this world, but born into it for a specific cause: to defend it, or to overtake it. Who are you?


Moonlight Nocturne is an AU, PB Sailor Moon game set in present-day Seattle. A new race of soul snatchers has come to earth and is hell-bent on refueling its dying population with star seeds - and Seattle's population is first. The Celestians didn't plan on a fight, but who could have known the earth would have a bunch of guardians dressed in tutus? Actually, it was probably someone's job to find that out. Their bad.

We're an active, welcoming group of players desperately in need of a Luna and Artemis to join our cast!

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