April 8th, 2011

[info]mythomod in [info]find_players

Hello everyone! I'm one of the mods over at MYTHOPOEICS; we're a mythology-based game at livejournal in which Gods from several pantheons have been reincarnated as mortals. Community based, events happen on a monthly basis which are part of a larger overarching plot trying to answer questions as to why they are no longer gods and such.

Currently we're looking for quite a few characters from the Norse pantheon we'd love a Thor, Odr, Frey and Jormangander

From the Greeks we'd love to have more Titans, specifically a Selene would be love! Zeus, Triton, Hera, and Demeter.

We also have several players looking for Arthurian characters like King Arthur, King Lot, Merlin.

There are more characters listed over at: WANTED

Reserves & applications open midnight, so come on over and reserve :3 ♥