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Jan. 11th, 2009


Part of the current migration wave

Hello all. I've created a placeholder account here on IJ just in case LJ decides to go kablooey. I'm [info]kineticphoenix here, and have the same username on LJ. I'll probably be mirroring the accounts fairly soon.

Jan. 7th, 2009


Just wandered over...

On LJ I was photodharma and tonytraductor.
I believe I will keep but one journal here, for all purposes.

Jun. 30th, 2008


Hey I'm Jessi. I've had a LJ off and on for years now and I couldn't even begin to list my usernames. I'm new to IJ and def need some new friends. Feel free to add me? :)

Mar. 24th, 2008


I'm new to ij and looking for some friends. Take a look at my interests and stuff to see if we might have some things in common or not. Even if we don't, we could still become good friends I hope.


Mar. 23rd, 2008


Hey, sticking my toe in the pond.

Hey there IJ land :)

I'm just starting to stick my toe in the pond here... I'm really still seriously attached to LJ, but am looking to move away from it because of all the garbage going on.

My username on LJ was also "eastpath". In fact, it's my username for almost everything, including my domain

At any rate, a bit about myself. I'm 29! (Although, told I don't look it, if that's even possible.) I sling coffee for a living at one of the world's biggest coffee chains out there, round green logo with the lovely siren ;) I am in management there, and so far after 3.5 years am still loving it! I am Wiccan. I've been on the path for 14 years, although not always active, it has held my heart for all this time. I am happy to say that I am now part of a group that hopes to move forward together in serious study and practice. It's an exciting time. I'm engaged to a wonderful man whom I've been with for over 5 years. Together we have 2 cats and 4 snakes (although there may be some snake-y babies in the works!). I am interested in fan-fiction of many kinds, and I also adore slash (provided it's the right two guys! MMmmmmmm Neo/Smith... drool.)

So yea, if you knew me on LJ or want to know me on IJ I think I'll take some add's... I live to comment, and don't get as many comments back as I'd sometimes like... *lol* Nice to meet you!

Mar. 21st, 2008


Hi! mlfoley from eljay here! plz to be adding me if we r friends or else I will be killed by Nazis.



I'm aristoboule on LJ, [info]aristoboule here, and well, aristoboule on just about every LJ clone out there. I have an RP blather journal, ells_bells on LJ, which is here as well, [info]ells_bells.


calling all LJ friends? DawnD here...

I'm DawnD on LJ, and DawnD here (and on GJ, not that that seems to matter). Also dawndsquirrel on Tribe and at yahoo and gmail. Helloooooo out there? Any of my Friends (besides Griff) over here?


21 mars

dusabre on lj, dusabre here.



Hello, just came to insane journal this week. Same name as at LJ. Looking for any of my LJ friends who might be here as well as new friends in general.

Mar. 20th, 2008



Hello there, fellow Inmates! I, too, am an immigrant from (LJ) and seek to connect with any of my LJ friends who may have arrived here at As was the case at LJ, my user name here is flyvapnet; but I was also known by some of my LJ friends as "Mr. Cat" or derivatives thereof, due to that latter moniker having been my user name at various and sundry message boards over the years.


Mar. 21st, 2008



I'm apokryfae on LJ, but chimaeridae or switch chimaeridae most everywhere else (I made my LJ quite some time ago). I had been considering trying to save the money from my limited income to pay for a name change on LJ, but it just doesn't seem worth it, now.

I also have a fairly dead little community there, called turre_d_babylon, that's for & about Interlingua. Seems there weren't many folks on LJ with that interest, and perhaps less so here, but one can always hope.

Oh, Prairiecrow, I wasn't around for the censoring, but I can only imagine what they must've made of my interest list, if they were having fits over bisexuality. (Yes, my interest list here is an almost exact copy of my LJ interest list.) I tend to blog in fits, then vanish for long stretches (a recurring pattern in most of my life).


Hi... Q-folk here :-)

saying hello to all the friends of the qilora-LJ and hoping that our friends add us over here as well...

(& new-friends are most definitely welcome to stop by and say hi)...

be well, and i hope all my fellow yidden are having a great Purim... everyone party-safe!

- me.

Mar. 20th, 2008


Who Am I?

On LJ my account is Unquietsoul5, but here on IJ my account is Unquietsoul

I don't know if I'll be posting here a lot or using this much (I set the account up months ago, but haven't been back as I found very little in the way of communities to match my interests, and failed to reconnect with LJ friends that had migrated here.

But, with all the current bruhaha over LJ I figured I'd come over and spruce my otherwise silent page up, and see if things had changed. (My interests include things like tabletop roleplaying game design, steampunk, weird history, goings on in the Cambridge/Boston area etc.)

I have the unfortunate timing of re-upping my LJ last month, before SUP made their latest gaff. So right now I'm using just the free basic account here...



I was Tallblue on LJ and am Tallblue on IJ. Some of my friends came here and some didn't, read my info and feel free to add me if you want to.



I am rolypoly_laurie from LJ~ if you knew me from there, please please please add me!!!

For IJ users, I am 43, married, Baptist, have 6 kids, and really wanna make IJ my new home~
If you'd like to know more about me go to my's all there!
Hope to talk to you all soon!



I suppose like everyone else, I'm upping stakes on my private journal, given LJ's overlords opions of us, his faithful users.

I was and have been "TabascoKat" everywhere up til now, so if anyone did look for me, they'd likely not find me, lol.
I'm 24, married 5.5 years, a true equine addict, sporting 4 of our own, ranging from a mini to a draft, with a pony and horse in between.
When it comes to my car (a 1984 Datsun 300ZX turbo) and/or driving it, I absolutely turn male. You dont' touch my car. and you don't challenge me to a race and expect me to back down, lol.
I guess the rest of my interests are on my info, but hopefully some old aquiantences will find me, and I'll make new friends, as well :)
Feel free to ad me, and ready to be bored, lol


dame_grise (or reynardbleu)

I was ReynardBleu everywhere, including LJ, for more than 5 years. In December, I changed the journal name to Dame_Grise. Obviously, I'm using that here.

A lot of my friends are not moving or moving somewhere other than here but if anyone stumbles on by, this is where I can be found for now.

Also, new friends are welcome if we share any interests.



I'm not exactly new, but I'm from LJ. :)

I'm [info]mercurychaos; I was also mercurychaos at LJ, because consistency is a very good thing IMHO.

I'm not looking for anyone in particular, most of the people on my f-list are staying back at LJ, and the one person who left came over with me back in December. In general, I'm looking for people who are in the Naruto fandom; I mod the [info]naruto_asylum, which I hope will become similar to chuunin@lj. I also maintain [info]denglish_asylum, [info]the_sims, and [info]efw. All of them could use some more posting and commenting activity, so if any of them look interesting to you, join and feel free to post. And bring your friends. :)

Mar. 19th, 2008



I am still maintaining my livejournal, but when it expires, I'll be upping stakes and moving here.

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