Jan. 5th, 2009


Alyson Hannigan from early seasons of Buffy (I have the ones at [info]blevcons and [info]the_twilight)

Also, Alyson with Jason Biggs and with Jason Dohring would be helpful as well.

I'm also looking for Karl Urban icons

and Kate Beckinsale specifically from Underworld (have the ones from hollow_art at LJ)

Edit: I forgot I was also going to ask for Meryl Streep specifically from Mamma Mia and some of her with Pierce Brosnan would be perfect!

Jul. 11th, 2008


Okay, I spent the day searching for icons for myself and a couple of friends, and these are the ones I'm lacking icons for.

Yes, a list. Don't you love me?

* Dana Davis
I have the ones from [info]peristyle and Hollow Art already, but does anyone know if there are more?

* Emma Lahana
I didn't think I'd find any, but I tried anyway. Does anyone know if there are some somewhere I didn't look?

* Lauren Mayhew
I have the ones from [info]lolocon and [info]peristyle.

* Melanie Vallejo
Another one I doubted I'd find, but tried.

* Pierce Brosnan
I didn't see any.

* Jessalyn Gilsig
Another one I didn't see any.

* Amy Jo Johnson
I've seen the ones at [info]blevcons and [info]looseapbs, but the ones on the former are younger and I need some older.

* Bernadette Peters
I've seen the ones at [info]looseapbs and [info]gimcrack, but was wondering if there were more.

* Meryl Streep
I was shocked to not find any of her.

* Hayden Panettiere
Yes, yes, I know. She's all over the place. My friend specifically wants brunette Hayden icons though. I've seen the set at [info]lolocon and I've seen the few at [info]cassiejayicons and Baobabble, but are there any more out there?

* Chris Pratt
I've seen the ones at [info]icondust and [info]lolocon, but if there are any others, please let me know.

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