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[11 Nov 2019|05:38am]


Zion Mystique: Carnival of the Strange
A 1919 OC supernatural RPG

Premise | Rules | Species | Zion Mystique
Cast | Holds/Taken | Wanted | Apply
FAQ | Players | Dropbox
Mod | IC | OOC

We are open!

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[10 Nov 2019|07:42pm]

[info]exam Looking for a Quentin Coldwater and/or Margo Hanson for Eliot Waugh. Or, honestly, any other Magicians characters you want to throw my way, he's all alone over here!
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[05 Nov 2019|01:56pm]

Your Muse: Tony Stark
Muse wanted: Peter Parker? May Parker? Steve Rogers? MCU in general?
Community: Looking for a low key PSL story-line or role-play game on either DW or IJ.
Fandom: MCU
Canon or AU: Either
Medium: Movie
Contact via:

I already play Tony in a pretty active game I happen to also mod, but I'd love to explore his relationship with Peter in a setting without all the demands of modding. I'm willing to play multiple characters to push a story forward. I am totally okay with either canon or AU. I love fandom cliches in which Tony and Peter have a father/son relationship or a relationship that develops into a father/son one. Totally up for a May/Tony or Steve/Tony ship, but will work within canon (i.e. Pepper) with the right fit. Also into fandom cliches where he winds up Peter's bio dad. I'm already doing much of the self-reflection plots that come along with playing Tony, but more than okay with playing that angle with willing partners. I'd create a community if playing in a PSL. Not big on DISCORD, but totally okay with email and drop-boxes. I'm pretty active and available most evenings and weekends. I am sometimes active during the day depending on work schedule. I'm on EST. I am also new to DW, but not to journal playing. Just looking for some fun and low-pressure plots! Tony's profile is here. Feel free to drop me a line on this post, on my journal, or on Tony's!

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[27 Oct 2019|05:38pm]

As I'm feeling a hit of nostalgia, I'm looking for a lighthearted Pokemon line or two. Check the Journal for all needed info, and contact me there if interested.
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Seeking Happy Hogan & Bruce Banner <3 [27 Oct 2019|09:48am]


Yo, Bruce & Happy... )
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[26 Oct 2019|10:13am]

Three old-school writers interested in finding more old-school writers to join us in a small group collaborative writing environment. Most relevant information can be found in this journal ([info]riftinfo). Most species welcome. No fandom characters permitted, but OCs from fandom worlds are okay.
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[15 Oct 2019|03:39pm]


Interius GPSL

Earth is dying.

The Interius, a military transport class deep space star-navigator and the last ship to depart the planet, is set to begin its ten year journey to the Taurus Colony in the Pleiades Star Cluster over 444 light-years away.

Three thousand passengers made up of government assigned vacancies, lottery winners, and cutthroat criminals prepare themselves for the long voyage. Some will stay in cryostasis while others make a life for themselves in the belly of the Interius.

One thing is certain. Not everyone will make it alive.

Game Open and its AMAZING. Max 10 Players at this time. 4 membership slots available.


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[07 Oct 2019|06:58pm]


Zion Mystique: Carnival of the Strange
A 1919 OC supernatural RPG

Premise | Rules | Species | Zion Mystique
Cast | Holds/Taken | Wanted | Apply
FAQ | Players | Dropbox
Mod | IC | OOC

We will be opening once we have enough characters. Hopefully by November 1st (will be a wonderful birthday present for me).
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[07 Oct 2019|12:11am]

[info]ashburnmod is looking for some professors, graduates, security and more students! It's a Master-Slave game with a unique twist to the original idea. The game has adult themes and dark content, but it encourages serious plot development and input from all players. 

Come enroll today!
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[29 Sep 2019|11:08pm]

Hi! I play this lady here over at [info]repose. She's a mix of OC and Helena Wayne from DC, and I would love to find a Power Girl or Super Girl based lady for some past herstory or some current shenanigans if they gel.

I'm also open to others for shenanigans, of course, so if you have ideas, drop me a note!
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[18 Sep 2019|12:31am]

Anything for Sam?

Looking for PSLs only...preferably someone who might be willing to write multiple characters to give our storyline more depth. I'm used to writing as many characters as are needed. I'd also love crossovers within the Buffyverse and possibly The Vampire Diaries.

If there's any interest in Sam, please leave me a message here.
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Seeking Bruce Banner, Bucky Barnes, & Happy Hogan! [03 Sep 2019|06:22pm]

Hello! I play Tony Stark at [info]somerealitymods, a pan-fandom game set in a NYC replica. The game will be three months old in a few days so join and celebrate with us! Tony would love to see Happy Hogan, Bruce Banner, & Bucky Barnes in game. I'm generally pretty active with both threads and web entries and can roll with whatever your preference is for interaction.

Tony is currently running a new version of Stark Industries, working with others to solve the mystery of the Jubilant Entity, planning his wedding to Pepper, and learning how to be a father to several teenagers. He is close to Thor in game and the two recently lamented the missing link (Bruce) in their trio. Bruce could also join the “science club” consisting of several characters trying to solve the mysteries in Goodland. Happy would be the icing on the cake and can definitely resume his position as friend and colleague for Tony. Morgan Stark and Peter Parker could use their surrogate uncles too.

I'd like to see Tony and Bucky work out some things. Tony accepts Bucky was brainwashed although it is obviously still hard to accept. Once he cooled down, he was mostly upset about Steve's role and his "dismissal" of their friendship. Tony has worked things out with Steve in game so Bucky is the logical next step! Steve is in play as are several other MCU/MARVEL characters.

Please drop me a line if you are interested. You can find Tony's profile here.
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[22 Aug 2019|03:36pm]

[info]awmods Lookin' for some good folks. Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, T'challa, Sam Wilson to start a complete set of MCU people! All them good Netflix MCU folks, X-Men of all kinds and flavors, 616 comics and AVAC characters are loved forever (Barney Barton, Jessica Drew, Young Avengers, etc!). In a Non-Marvel vein: Umbrella Academy, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Farscape characters are 100% in demand!
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Looking for... [19 Aug 2019|05:02pm]

I'm hoping to settle into a few new PSLs. I'm not looking for a comm at the moment.

I would love if someone is willing to do a test scene. Just something really quick and basic to see how our writing gels. Then if it feels like a win for both of us, go back and plot like crazy.

There's more about me in the journal, though it's under construction.

Comments screened!
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[10 Aug 2019|09:35pm]

[info]somerealitymods Looking for Hank Anderson. Other Detroit: Become Human characters would be awesome to have around as well.
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[08 Jul 2019|08:53pm]

Looking for PSLs with Albus here. All you need to know about him can be found in my journal.

Slash only

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[30 Jun 2019|06:11pm]

Anybody want to do a het line with Shameless inspired Emmy Rossum? I have a line idea in my journal but it does not have to be that specifically. I'm open to supernatural, post-apocalyptic. Slice of life may be similar to Fiona but not exactly the same. I would be willing to do it if someone was interested. Mostly, I'd like to play her as someone who is a bit wild, impulsive and untamed, who may need to be convinced to give a long term relationship a shot for one reason or another.

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[30 Jun 2019|04:06pm]

[info]aw_snap is looking for all sorts! Umbrella Academy, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Netflix MCU folks, DC, Butler Black! Marvel, too! Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange, X-Men of all kinds, Pepper Potts, War Machine and anyone ever from Avengers Academy!
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[04 Jun 2019|03:02am]


A cyberpunk, futuristic game set in 2074. If you like Ghost in the Shell, Dark Angel, Blade Runner, and others take a look at New Dublin.

Game Info | Q&A People | Place Holds | Wanted | Apply | Mod Dropbox
[info]newdublinrp | [info]newdublinnet | [info]newdublinooc [info]newdublinmods
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[03 Jun 2019|09:25pm]
Testing interest in a GoT GPSL set 20+ years after the show. Potential for Retconning is very much there but the general thought is all independent kingdoms and a council of kings to keep the peace.

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