Nov. 4th, 2009


Promptathon 001

I apologize for posting this so late. I got back from Y-con and felt jet lagged! X(

There were no entries, so no points were awarded.

With NaNo WriMo right around the corner, we're going to do a Promptathon! It would just be much easier for everyone to take part in something like this instead of just the normal prompts.

So how does it work?

1. You leave a comment to this post, either anonymously or signed in (totally up to you), a pairing, and a prompt (refer to the rules for more info on this). So it should look like this -

Seifer, fear

2. Wait for someone to write your request.

3. Write other people's requests while you wait!

It's that easy! Seriously! 0.0
Best part? Everyone's welcome to participate! Whether they're a member or not! :D


* Normally for this comm, we ask that drabbles be 100 words, but for this promptathon THAT RULE IS TOTALLY SUSPENDED! We only ask for your drabbles not to go over 500 words and to be a minimum of 100 words! Go crazy!

*If a particular prompt really inspires you and you go over the 500 maximum, post it to your own journal (preferably not in a F-locked entry, plz and ty) and leave a link in a reply to the original prompt.

* Let's keep 'I second that prompt!' to one a prompt. x.x Don't make Brat annoyed. Multiple 'I second that!' for a particular prompt will be deleted.

* Prompt as many times as you want! Just try to keep prompting to three times in a row, then go read a magazine, and then feel free to come back and prompt some more. And please do try to write at least drabble for someone else.

* You can leave prompt/requests in any of these styles:

FFVIII, Quistis/Fujin, fear
FFVIII, author's choice, fear
Any, any, fear

* Your prompt can be a lyric, a quote, a word, or even a situation (ie, Quistis is learning to cast Blue magic and someone helps her).

And the most important rule!
* Have fun and pimp this out far and wide! :D

This promptathon will run for the month of November. Tuesday, December 1st a mini prompt will be posted to go until the next Saturday. Then we'll go back to our regularly scheduled show! Members can still post drabbles in the community that relate to past prompt challenges while this runs (if they want). ^_^

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