Jan. 26th, 2009


Working the 8 Ball

Title: Working the 8 Ball
Characters: Squall/Seifer
Team: Balamb G baby
Rating: PG something
Word Count: 100.
Series: na
Author's Notes: I do love the 8 ball...

"You're not serious are you? You want to have sex and use an 8 ball?" The brunette asked.

"Why not? Where's your sense of fun and adventure?" Seifer smirked, shaking the toy. Squall rolled his eyes.

"Should we do it doggy style? ...My sources say no! What the fuck?" Liquid sloshed in the container. "Should Squall ride me like a whore? ...No Way!"

Squall laughed, grabbing the ball.

"Should Seifer be my bitch tonight? ...Definitely. Will Seifer scream out my name tonight? ...Maybe." Squall placed the ball down and looked hungrily at the blonde. "Let's make that a resounding, 'Yes'."


Little Toys

Title: Little Toys
Characters: Hyne - he needs lovin too!
Team: Balamb G baby
Rating: G
Word Count: 100.
Series: na
Author's Notes: i love it when muses just randomly pop up and be all "yo bitch, you're gonna write me!"

It always amazed and amused him how fickle and changing the little toys could be. They cried when good things happened and then once more when things went wrong. Of course, when things went wrong, they normally cursed his name and questioned as to why it happened.

What was he going to do, go down and actually answer their piddly questions? Hardly. He would remain silent but watching and of course, he'd meddle in their lives.

He was powerful and they, his toys, his creations looked to him as some sort of god. In a way, Hyne was their god.

Jan. 23rd, 2009


Broken Over Time

Title: Broken Over Time
Character: Edea
Team: Balamb
Word Count: 100


Edea sighed. She had been gone from this place for too long. The orphanage was in ruins, and Cid's optimistic platitudes couldn't change that, or fix it, either. She walked aimlessly until her eyes spotted something on the floor. Carefully she knelt to pick it up. It was a toy knight, the horse missing a leg, the lance half broken. It must have been dropped by an over-excited child and forgotten until now. She had to blink back sudden tears as she cradled it, knowing full well the symbolism. Like her, like her home, it had been broken over time.

Jan. 21st, 2009


toys >.>

Title: Boredom Should Be Illegal
Characters/Pairings: Rinoa/herself/Seifer
Team: Galbadia
Rating: R for talk of toys
Word Count: 100

Locked in to protect it. )

Jan. 20th, 2009


Paid Service

Title: Paid Service
Characters/Pairings: Seifer/Zell
Team: Erm... Balamb?
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes: Nun habit and thong = adult toys. -_-


“Seifer?” Zell shrieks, flails, pales and blushes all at once as his eyes land on a familiar face in none other but a nun’s habit.

Seifer grins, pulls Zell to the nearby alley.

Zell’s arms seem to have a mind of their own. “Seifer?! You can’t do that! I’m supposed to guard some nun chick…”

Seifer regards Zell like the world’s biggest moron. Zell just stares. “Look at me. What am I wearing?”

“A habit?” Zell responds stupidly, needs three minutes to connect the dots. Then he grins. “Pervert!”

Seifer purrs, pulls him closer. “Wait till you see the thong.”


Memory Became History

Title: Memory Became History
Characters/Pairings: Seifer, Zell
Team: Erm... Balamb?
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes: I tried porn, I really did! :P


When he was little, Seifer had his favourite toy. He didn’t have much; it was an orphanage in the end; but he had that something that made his life a little better.

And one day it was gone. Nothing lasts forever; hard thing for a child to learn.

And nobody knew.

It’s like a smack in the face remembering, finding himself surrounded by so many familiar faces. They have no idea.

He ruffles the industrial strength spikes, gets a ‘fuck you’ in return with a smack to the face.

Zell doesn’t know why Seifer’s laughing, though.

If he only knew.

Jan. 19th, 2009


Prompt #27

Balamb came in first with a whole 20 points! Trabia and Galbadia were nowhere to be seen, and seriously, I don't blame them. But! The MPREG prompt is done and we can have our sexy bishie boys back to normal: emo, proud, hyper and whatever else they might be.

This week's word prompt: #27 - Toys

Everyone has had a toy at one point in their life, hell, many of us still do and I won't tell you to get your minds out of the gutters! It's much more fun there. What about our lovely muses?

Did Rinoa grow up with far too many toys or does she have one special one that Julia gave to her? Maybe Squall plays with a Magic 8 Ball? Was not a plug for my own fic. Did Zell have a fluffy chocobo when he was younger, or does he still have it tucked away in a trunk, only to come out when it's dark and he's feeling scared? Laguna perhaps might have thought that everything was some sort of toy, being a kid at heart! What about Quistis, being so formal and proper in an outward appearance, is her toy something more sinister?

Give your muses access to the mind's toy box and see what they pull out, share it in only 100 words.

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