May. 13th, 2009


Title: ????
Characters: Squall, Irvine
Team: Galbadian
AN: With the music selection, I'm surprised that this is what came out

Irvine couldn't help but to stop in his tracks.

"Wait, what?" he says turning to see his blushing boyfriend.

"I said,"  Squall murmurs, "that I've never had sex before."  The last said so softly that Irvine had to lean to hear it.

"But you dated Rinoa for 3 years?" responds Irvine, his tone telling of his confusion.

Squall answers by continuing down the hall.

"Wait.  You said you'd liked me for a while, right?"  Irvine says.  The flash of color on Squall telling him he's on the right track.

"Well" he says silkily, "I'll make sure its worth the wait.


It finally freakin' works again

Title: ????
Characters:  Zell POV, Seifer
Team: Galbadian
AN: I originally wrote this for last weeks but didn't have the time to post it.  It works here too.  Also, insane hasn't been letting me in for the past month

Seifer, I hate you.

This weird ass touching thing you have needs to stop.

And the fact that you think you have the right come up and hug me and stick your tongue down my throat like your doing is really pissing me off.

And that your eyes have turned from their usual 'fuck the world' green to 'your not walking straight tomorrow' light green is causing serious blood flow and breathing issues for me.

Okay. Shit. Danmit. Fine,  I'll let you have your way this time. And not cuz you do that interesting wrapping thing with your tongue.

May. 11th, 2009


Prompt #43

Galbadia wins this round with a whole 10 points. I fear Trabia and Balamb might be lost somewhere or unsure how the first person narration worked. Poor dears.

This week's word prompt: #43 - Problem

A problem is a problem and one that usually needs a fix or solution, be it promptly or something that'll happen later on down the road. Of course, a problem can also be a blessing in disguise for some!

Does Squall have doubt or uncertainty in his relationship with Rinoa? What new conundrum has Quistis given her Cadets and how will they propose a solution for it? Which of Orphanage Gang was a "problem child", Seifer with his bullying, Zell for his hyper-active ways or maybe Squall for his introverted ways? Of course, being a SeeD would hold it's own problems as well: deployment, training and even their own personal issues.

Whatever the problem or solution is, give it up in 100 words.

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