Apr. 27th, 2009


When the Past Bites You in the Ass

Title: When the Past Bites You in the Ass
Characters: Selphie, Quistis, implied Quistis/Xu
Rating: G
Team: Galbadia
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes: XD Just having some fun with Quistis. o_o I think I might turn this into a longer fic.

"No way!"

"Give it back, Selphie!" Quistis cried, lunging herself across the table.

Giggling, the younger girl leaped away from the table, dancing a safe distance away as she continued to look at the picture in her hands. In the photo, a younger Quistis was lip-locked with a younger Xu, at the beach. Selphie had been helping the blonde move some boxes into storage when the photo fell to the floor. The blonde was mortified.

"Selphie! I said to give it back!"

"Na-ah! You might burn it before I can use it to blackmail you with it." The brunette giggled.

Apr. 20th, 2009


Prompt #40

20 points for Galbadia, 10 points for Balamb and 10 for Trabia! Congrats Galbadia!

This week's word prompt: #40 - Photograph

Keepsakes, moments frozen in time. They get torn up when a love or friendship ends and they get tucked into wallets as a reminder.

Seifer is looking at old photographs of friends from Balamb; Selphie is taking pictures of Trabia's reconstruction. Is Laguna affixing a picture of his "glory days" somewhere on the deck of the Ragnarok? Are the boys fighting over a chick in a mag? Maybe Rinoa is spitting on a newspaper photo of her old man. Perhaps there are swarms of students with albums of memories, now lost from GF usage. Show us your images in exactly 100 words.

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