Mar. 31st, 2009


Today, Isn't Today

Title: Today, Isn't Today
Characters/Pairings: Quistis/Selphie
Rating/Type: PG
Team: Galbadia
Word Count:
Author's Notes:
Quistis/Selphie = Cuteness to the ninth degree. My second favorite FFVIII pairing. :\ I'm considering making this drabble into a ficlet. >.> A smutty PWP ficlet. <.<  *considers it* >.>

Selphie was tired. Days ago, she lost herself to studying for her next SEEDs ranking exam. The day of the exam she went out to Quad, bumping into Quistis.

"Today's my SEEDs exam!"

"Actually, that was yesterday."

"What? No way! Today's Thursday!" A pout.

"It's Friday, Selphie."

Showing the day's paper, Quistis watched Selphie crumble in tears. Stunned, she hugged the downtrodden girl.

"Maybe I can pull some strings so you can retake it tomorrow?" Quistis offered.

"Could you?" Teary eyes.

Nodding, Quistis was stunned again by a kiss against her lips.

"Thank you."

Smirking, the blonde nodded. "Any time."

Mar. 30th, 2009


Prompt #37

Galbadia won and gets their wishes granted! Congrats to them and their winning 10 points!

This week's word prompt: #37 - Missing Days

Everyone has had a week or two where you look at the calendar and you swear it was a different day of the week. I've done it a few times as we've all seen!

Has Squall been working far too hard and missed an important meeting due to missing days? Maybe Zell got abducted by the Winhill Alien and had his chicken-wuss brain scrambled? (No, that wasn't my Seifer muse speaking!) Did Seifer go on a drinking bender with Irvine? Despite Ultimecia having control over time, does she suffer from missing days? What about the all powerful Hyne, has he suffered from the 'missing day syndrome'? (I'd think it'd be more years...but hey! I'm just a writer, mwahaha)

Whatever is the cause, or however the muses suffer from their missing days, give it to us in 100 words! And I'll try not to miss the next monday!

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