Sep. 11th, 2009


Today's Lessons/A Little Help

Title: Today's Lessons
Characters: Seifer/Zell, Quistis and other cadets
AN: I rewrote this six times and it still sucks to me.

"Ah, SHIT" was all they were able to get out before their vision became red tinged and quickly dispatched of the T-Rex that got the drop on the class.

Unfortunately, with the threat gone, the spell didn't wear off.

When Seifer and Zell locked eyes on each other and lunged,  the class anticipated another deathmatch.

Until a few realized that the moans the SEED's were making were not in pain.

"And this," Quistis says in front of the class, ignoring the sounds or rips and groans behind her, "is why you be careful when you use Berserk or Mad Rush.  Especially on those two."

Title: A Little Help
Characters: Seifer/Zell, Selphie
Team: Galbadian

After twenty minutes, the blond gunblader refused to budge on the issue.  Desperate, Selphie turned to Zell mournfully for a little help.

With a mischievous smile, the short blond grabbed his boyfriend's face and leaned in for a kiss.

It was long, deep, obviously wet and so intimate that Selphie couldn't help the slight blush on her face and began to fidget and look around nervously.

When thy parted, desperately gasping for breath, Zell turned and mouthed for her to ask again.

"Seifer, would you go with me to train the cadets?"

"Yeah," he pants, eyes still slightly glazed.

Sep. 7th, 2009


Prompt #59

Over at LJ, Galbadia won this round. Over here Balamb G won. Guess not all tongues are quiet in Balamb!

Over at LJ I got hit with a wonderful little thought. I'm adding another Garden to the roster. You know have 4 Gardens to choose from: Balamb, Galbadia, Trabia and now Esthar.

This week's word prompt: #59 - Mind Control

That's right. Mind Control. It effs you up one side and down the other and will have you begging for more. But! Now, does Seifer remember everything he might have done while his mind was being controlled or are there some scenes that just...fade to black for him?
Does Squall have to deal with some sort of mind control from Rinoa and her newly aquired Sorceress powers?

You tell us! Truss 'em up, beat them, whip them and take away any form of control they might have. You've got the control over their minds - play with the little puppets.

this one is all for you, [info]oskalaboska

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