Jul. 10th, 2010


Thank You

Title: Thank You
Characters/Pairings: GF (Carbuncle), Selphie
Team: Balamb
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes: Carbuncle needs love too

He was barely called upon, often thought to be useless - spells more problematic than helpful. The one in yellow called him cute and carried Carbuncle in her head space.

It wasn't until the monster came rampaging that Carbuncle felt a tremor of fear tear through the one that was called Selphie. He rushed into action - nearly forced his way through to protect her. She called him forth and his protective reflect spell was cast just in time.

The Firaga hit but bounced back at the monster, damaging it enough for a quick attack to end it.

"Thank you." Selphie whispered.

Nov. 9th, 2008



Title: Beings
Characters: GFs
Team: Balamb G baby
Rating: so g it hurts
Word Count: 100.
Series: na
Author's Notes: none

Once, if asked, the answer of who was created first would always warrant an argument: Was it the deafening silence or the bitter cold? Perhaps it was the blackness, dark as pitch with it's oil slick sheen, that enveloped all, which was first.

Now though, it wouldn't matter. They were called upon regularly and given at times, no rest, no chance to ponder and argue. The battles against beasts and foe, mundane and magical were now a constant.

Through the span of their lives, they've been called many a thing: Espers, Summons, Monsters, Gods and Goddesses and now Guardian Forces.

Nov. 3rd, 2008


Prompt #16

Once more this past week, the Gardens and their students were nowhere to be seen! Maybe they were dealing with something that was haunting them, or they were too chicken to come out to play! That's okay, we won't hold it against them!

This week's word prompt: #16 - Guardian Forces

They are mysterious and powerful. They reside in the mind and whisk away memories of old. Do they eat the memories, block them out, or perhaps them residing there are a way for them to grow more powerful. Who are the Guardian Forces, a creation of Hyne? Priests and Priestesses of an old religion that were granted powers? Tell us your tale of Guardian Forces in 100 words.

Drabbles can be from the GF's point of view or just about them from afar. They can be a specific GF or something a bit more vague. Whichever way you want to write it, you need to mention that it's about a GF somewhere in those 100 words!

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