Dec. 22nd, 2008


Birthday Suit

Title: Birthday Suit
Characters: Seifer and Squall implied
Team: Balamb G baby
Rating: g
Word Count: 100.
Series: na
Author's Notes: Happy Birthday you grouchy Knight. <3

"Do I have to wear this fucking monkey suit?"
"Tell me why again?"

A sigh. I know I've asked one too many times, but I just don't see the damned reason why I should have to wear this suit. On my birthday of all days. What the hells is planned?

"Selphie requested it."
"Selphie? Does she know it's my birthday?"
"Very aware."
"So, it's my birthday, and I still have to wear this suit!"

I'm met with silence this time. I smirk then call out, "Maybe I should show up in my birthday suit!"
"Now or later. Your choice."


Prompt #23

None of the Gardens showed up or spoke their mind about hating characters. For some reason, I don't think everyone is all kind and filled with sugar - or maybe it's just the season!

This week's word prompt: #23 - Formal Wear Required

There are lots of occasions worth dressing up for – weddings, funerals, parties, graduations – and some places that just require you to dress up – fancy restaurants, seminars, television appearances, an event that you're invited too and you don't want to be there.

Perhaps it's the SeeD Graduation and they all look spiffy in their dress blues.? Maybe, now that TV and Radio is restored, President's and members of Garden's are required to give a speech once in a while? Perhaps the funeral of a SeeD is on the agenda or maybe, just maybe, Rinoa actually got Squall to say "yes" to marriage. Whatever the event that makes your muses wear something formal, share it in 100 words.

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