Oct. 17th, 2010


Where It All Started

Title: Where It All Started
Characters/Pairings: Edea/Ultimecia, Squall
Team: Balamb G
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes:

She couldn't feel the stones underneath her, her mind was engulfed by the new powers from Ultimecia.

They flowed through her, ripped through her body and mind. The thoughts and memories trickled in. Words triggered images, images became tangible.

SeeD (to destroy me). Gardens (where the SeeD are taught, placed and flourish). Ellone (junction?). White SeeD (hide and protect Ellone). Armies (my children. Galbadia). Red (blood, fire, destruction, death). Shell (to stop something?). Containment (stop me, stop her). Space (space? where she resides),

Squall is at her side but she waves him away. She knows this pain, know it emptiness.


The Gardens

Title: The Gardens
Characters/Pairings: Seifer, Edea/Ultimecia
Team: Balamb G
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes: It would have been after the failed assassination attempt.

"My Knight, there was an attempt on my life. Those fools and the rest of their ilk need to be punished."

Seifer felt her words ice-burning through his mind. Part of him fought the words that were escaping his mouth but they came in a slow, whispered slur. "The Gardens, my Lady. It's where the SeeD live, grow and learn."

She stroked his hair. "Excellent my Knight. Destroy the Gardens."

Despite the stroking of her hand through his hair and the weaving of controlling magic in his mind, a sinking weight entered his stomach, leaving him feeling cold and empty.

Oct. 11th, 2010


Prompt #109

Balamb Garden came in with 20 points and winning the pretty shiny Trophy! I think the others got lost in the sands of time! Poor dears.

This week's word prompt: #109 - Empty

Empty rooms, empty Norg shells, empty desks and empty Memorials. Maybe it's an empty heart that needs filling or an empty mind that needs ideas.

Does Cid wander through the halls and look into the empty Cadet/SeeD rooms after the Garden Battle? Seeing the people that used to live there, that were under his care?
Does Squall look at those who love him and feel hollow and empty inside, instead of something, anything? Does Seifer's beautiful Hyperion click empty when he should have had a bullet left? Does Quistis haunt her old classroom and sigh with a forlorn empty feeling? Is Selphie really a party queen to hide emptiness inside? Is Diablos's lamp empty inside when you look or is it filled with little cushions? Is Deep Sea really empty of Weapons?

However the empty places get filled - or not - let us read it, but in 100 words.

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