Dec. 7th, 2008


That Incident

Title: That Incident
Characters/Pairings: Zell, Quistis
Team: Galbadia
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes: The first thought that came to my mind was the incident Quistis alluded to in the game, where Zell accidentally crashed into the women's bathroom.


Zell's way-too-expensive board was destroyed. It lay on the ground in little tiny pieces that would never be repaired again. Kinda like the door he'd blown through, oh, and his ego too. Couldn't forget the ego. Or his masculine pride.

Instructor Trepe's eyebrow arched higher as the last of the shrieks gave way to girlish giggles. She looked intimidating and dangerous even when wrapped in a fluffy pink bathrobe with toothpaste foam still clinging to the corner of her mouth. “What do you think you’re doing, cadet?”

Zell whimpered praying his balls wouldn't be the next thing to be broken.


Dec. 6th, 2008


Broken Words

Title: Broken Words
Characters: Rinoa, Squall
Team: Balamb G baby
Rating: ...G, or pg for a bit of sad
Word Count: 100.
Series: na
Author's Notes: i was trying to be pro-rinoa....

squall sat, blinking at her. what he felt was real, wasn't it? it wasn't some spell that was cast upon him when she gained her powers, was it?

he glanced at the floor in a daze then back up at her face. it was calm and serene. how could she look like that when she just shattered his world? the hero of the second sorceress war felt like a broken man.

her words kept going through his head 'just not working', 'need time to spread my wings' and the last, 'you'll be okay'.

she was leaving him, leaving him broken.

Dec. 1st, 2008



Title:  ????( I suck at these)
Characters: Rinoa, implied IrvSqu
Team: Galbadian
Word Count: 100 (this is a drabble communtiy)
AN: Sorry I rushed this but I have to go to work.

She has always been told she was beautiful.

That any man should be thankful that she even gave them the time of day (that was the impression her father gave her).

But to realize that her knight, the one she had chosen above any other, the one that she placed her power, her protection, her sanity, and also her heart in, didn't feel the same way.  It was a massive blow.  And to watch those cool grey eyes warm and his whole being light up at the presence of a smooth talking cowboy, the first cracks was audiable to everyone.


Prompt #20

Balamb snagged the trophy well within their comfort zone with 40 points. No word from Trabia or Galbadia, pity they couldn't get out of their comfort zone to come and play!

This week's word prompt: #20 - Broken

There's always something that get's broken in one's life; a favorite toy, a heart, one's mind.

Did Laguna's heart break when he seen that Rinoa looked like Julia? Did someone break Seifer's favorite toy, causing him to become the bully he is? Perhaps something happened to Adel - broken heart or a mind break to make her the way she became? You tell us all about the broken goods of the muses in 100 words.

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