May. 25th, 2009


Kiss for Tat

Title: Kiss for Tat
Characters: Quistis/Selphie
Rating: PG
Team: Galbadia
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes: A sequel to When the Past Bites You in the Ass . ^^ Look forward to a next part when a prompt that I think would fit comes up! XD (<.<;; Are sequels okay? *forgot*)

The blonde had no idea how to get Selphie to part with the picture. Selphie hadn't made her do anything for her, but Quistis suspected it was only a matter of time. She wasn't embarrassed by the photo, but her and Xu's relationship had soured a long time ago. The past was best left there.

"One condition." Selphie said suddenly, slapping the photo in front of Quistis. "A kiss."

Quistis looked up surprised. "What?"

A playful smile. "A kiss and I'll give you the photo." Taking the photo back, Selphie smiled. "Or, I could show this to Xu...?"

Quistis sighed.

May. 18th, 2009


Prompt #44

Galbadia Garden wins the prize by solving the problems at hand and defeating Trabia and Balamb with 20 points!

This week's word prompt: #44 - Blackmail

Ah, blackmail - the art of making some poor sap pay money by threatening to reveal something nasty about them (or just something unpleasant they don't want anyone to know about).

Would the Galbadian Army pay someone to keep "hush hush" about certain things? Would Odine even care? Maybe Dollet Dukedom is the blackmailer for his own ambition? Are there some photographs of Irvine that he just doesn't want the guys to see? What if Squall isn't quite the Commander that everyone thinks he is! *gasp* What if it reaches the news media?! *scream*

Whatever the blackmail, no matter who the target or who is doing the targeting, you must write it in 100 words!

Remember! If you have an LiveJournal, post your work on the mirror site there too!

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