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Date:2009-01-02 20:27
Subject:Fic: Bob (1/1) PG13
Mood: silly

Title: Bob
Author: SkyFire ([info]rabid_plotbunny)

Rating: PG13
Pairing(s): Genesis/Angeal
Summary: Never trust a mad scientist, especially one with something to prove.
Warnings: crack!fic. Mpreg.
Word Count: 1588

Disclaimer: I don't own FFVII or any of its characters and no money is being made.

( Angeal snapped his phone closed with a faint sigh... )

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Date:2008-03-16 15:01
Subject:Obligatory Opening Post ^_^
Mood: hopeful

Welcome to ffvii_mpreg, the Asylum dediated to seeing/getting our lovely FFVII bishies in the family way. ^_^ Obviously, for them to get that way there's going to be a certain amount of yaoi here, so if the thought of two guys in an intimate relationship squicks you out, this is NOT the place for you. You might want to try [info]ffvii_genfic instead.

Please feel free to post anything that fits the mpreggy theme, whether or not it is fanfiction. Icons, AMVs, art, etc. are just as welcome, encouraged, in fact! Post away! ^_^

Before you do, though, please take a few moments to read over these guidelines to help make everyone's experience here as pleasant as possible.

Posting Guidelines:
1) Keep it FFVII-related. This includes compilations (Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core, Before Crisis, Advent Children).
2) LJ-cuts: Images go behind a cut, please. Icon posts can have a few (no more than 4) teasers outside of it, but the bulk has to be LJ-cut. Fanfiction should have the header outside the cut, everything else behind.
3) Label posts appropriately; especially the 'warnings'. They're supposed to be there for a reason.
4) Abuse of other members will NOT be tolerated. At all. Period. You will get one, and I mean one warning. Do it again and you will be removed. If you don't like what someone writes, don't read it. Plain and simple.
5) Have fun! (Yes, it's a rule!) ~_^

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