Jul. 28th, 2014


The Massive Tea Post of DOOM

Do you like green teas? Black teas? Whites? Mate?
Do you like spices?
How about fruits? herbs?

If you answered yes to any of the above, do we have some tea for you! (If you said "no", what's WRONG with you?)

By our powers combined, [personal profile] darthneko and I proudly present Beyond the Mists, a collection of Pandaren themed teas, via Adagio.

Zones )

Factions )

STILL TO COME: The Loremasters, the Shado-Pan, the Golden Lotus, the Klaxxi, and the Grummle Bazaar

(The only benefit I get from this is the same "Hi, we will give you points toward MOAR TEA" that one gets basically for existing in Adagio's presence. These are the teas we want to drink, with a lot of "oooh, that sounds good!" involved. Mine tend to be the "good morning, I'm going to kick you in the face" teas *points to Townlong*; hers are much friendlier *points to Cloud Serpents*)

Edit: If anyone is NOT familiar with Adagio and would like a $5 gift certificate emailed to them, leave an email addy in the comments and I will have them send you one. Because TEA.


Our Wonderful Government[1]

The latest bit of brilliance[1] on the part of our glorious[1] elected leaders is to continue doubling down on the unemployed. In the next edition of "the floggings will continue until unemployment decreases" thinking, there's a brilliant plan in the works to have the unemployed required to submit up to forty applications for jobs per month (ten applications per week), starting in July next year.

The current maximum rate is ten applications per fortnight, or one application per day.

On top of this, if you're between the ages of 18 and 30, you'll be required to sign up for 25 hours per week of work for the dole; if you're between 30 and 49, you'll be required to put in 15 hours a week; if you're over 50, you get to volunteer for it if you want to.

Have some references:

Unemployed to be forced to apply for 40 jobs a month as part of $5 billion dole overhaul

Industry concerned about Coalition's 40-job-applications-a month plan

Work for dole program to be expanded to include almost all jobseekers

Work For The Dole Doesn't Work And Never Has

Now, as I mentioned in my post of 25 JUN 2014, we're already seeing an increase in the experience required in order to get a job - it's gone up to an average of 2 - 5 years recent experience in role (or equivalent) since the budget in early May. I have a suspicion by July next year, we might be looking at a minimum of five to seven years recent experience in role to be considered. Or in other words "so much for working your way up the ranks".

The business community has already spoken up about this one, concerned they're going to be flooded with applications from people who are mainly concerned with getting together their numbers and meeting their targets. Already, employers have largely ceased replying to application letters unless you're a successfully short-listed candidate - a number of ads are saying explicitly that only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Or in other words, applying for these jobs is a bit like Don Marquis' lovely metaphor regarding publishing poetry in the US market - he compared that to dropping a rose petal into the Grand Canyon, and listening for the echo of it hitting bottom.

I find this depressing enough when I'm only required to apply for five jobs a fortnight.

One of the more interesting snarky suggestions on the Guardian's comments is sending regular applications and query letters to the offices of Liberal Party MPs and Senators. I'm strongly tempted, I must admit. Just write up a form letter, put together a brief database of names and addresses, and set the silly thing going on a weekly basis. I'd need fifteen candidates a week to bring me up to the level required for forty a month, and it'd be almost cathartic after another week of combing through jobs databases trying to find something suitable to apply for. Oh, and just think, they could bask in the warm glow of helping another Australian do their share of the "lifting" for the economy. What a pity I'm on the wrong side of the country to realistically send applications or query letters to Messrs Abbott, Hockey and Abetz[2].

[1] Yes, I'm being sarcastic.
[2] No, I'm not being sarcastic. I'd love to try out applying for a job in their offices anyway - and see how fast I get sacked for having left-wing political opinions. Maybe I could try a spin on the US Religious Right trick of suing them for discrimination, the same way anti-abortion types are trying to sue for the right to work in family planning organisations...

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Jul. 26th, 2014


If only...

...the mere act of installing Scrivener and Liquid Story Binder would inspire me to actually WRITE.

(I have the itchy creative brain/no inspiration combo that often precedes me flinging myself bodily into a new fandom. Unfortunately, there's not one damn thing I'm feeling fannish about right this minute, so instead I will go farm leather and crab meat along the Pandaren coastline.)

Edit: And then I was ridiculously pleased to finally track down, after YEARS of not being able to remember anything about the title and author, and remembering only the most sketchy details of plot, Godsfire (This was the cover it had when I read it. I remembered said cover completely wrong, except for the part where there were cats. Now I wonder where the hell my mental image of a vaguely Egyptian-esque cat lady reclining on a throne came from.)

Jul. 24th, 2014


If the universe defies me in one area...

...I find another to play in.

By which I mean, there is still a WOEFUL LACK of perfumes based on Pandaria, which makes me SAD.

But there is also Adagio teas, which will let me (and my partner in crime, [personal profile] darthneko) make PANDAREN TEA BLENDS, which mollifies me somewhat. Because tea.

Neko, obviously, is responsible for the beautiful labels and the descriptions. We are equally to blame for the blends, except Wandering Isle, which is all her fault, (I quote, "shen zin su is going to BURN with spices - explorers are crazy.") There may possibly be a spreadsheet with 14 blends already created, just waiting for art and descriptions.

So, if you are a fan of Adagio teas, watch this space, because I expect Beyond the Mists to grow quite a bit once Neko has a chance to finish making labels. When we're done, we intend to have eight locations and eight factions, and yes, as much as possible we will be shipping the factions with their locations ("as much as possible" because the Celestials are all over and the Golden Lotus got nuked out of the Vale).

Why, YES, we are the geekiest Pandaren-loving gamers in the world, why do you ask?

Jul. 16th, 2014


I did indeed play the WoD beta tonight

And screencapped all the screencaps. But lo, I am tired, and unfunny, and you will have to wait until another night for me to post.

However, let it be known that, after kitting Anying out in gear from PEARLFIN VILLAGE (literally the lowest level of Pandaren gear), I ran her through the opening quests with no difficulty at all. Her ilvl started at 363 and ended at 390 when I opened up my garrison in Shadowmoon. I barely even noticed the upgrade from the jinyu crossbow to the almost-as-good-as-my-Timeless-bow quest reward, because things were already dying THAT FAST. That's...ridiculous, honestly, and I'm advising a bump up to the difficulty level because otherwise even the newest of the n00bs will be bored.


As threatened

I bring you screencaps of the Warlords of Draenor beta!

Spoilers for stepping through the portal and the first couple of quests. And a ton of images. )

And that was my first night of Warlords of Draenor (because look, I have a guild, I have responsibilities; that means crops to harvest and put on auction, dailies to finish, that sort of thing. I can't spend all my time running around after strapping young orcs.) There will undoubtedly be more tomorrow, if the server doesn't fall down sobbing again.

You have been warned.

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