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What is the Feri tradition?
Sensual and sexual, ecstatic and mystical, creative and eclectic, invocatory and shamanic and trance-possessory, imbued with a respect for the wisdom of Nature and a love of beauty. An initiatory witchcraft tradition and religion of faery magick.

About Feri trad, and related trads
Described by Anna Korn
Described by Stephen Hewell
Described by Storm Faerywolf
Compost Coven
Third Road
Draconian Pictish - Elven Witchcraft
Differences between Feri and Wicca

What the Immortals
Confide to thy keeping.
Tell unto no man;
Waking or sleeping,
Closed be thy portals
To friend as to foeman.

Silence conceals it;
The word that is spoken
Betrays and reveals it;
By breath or by token
The charm may be broken.

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