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What is the Feri tradition?
Sensual and sexual, ecstatic and mystical, creative and eclectic, invocatory and shamanic and trance-possessory, imbued with a respect for the wisdom of Nature and a love of beauty. An initiatory witchcraft tradition and religion of faery magick.

About Feri & related trads
Described by Anna Korn
Described by Stephen Hewell
Described by Storm Faerywolf
Compost Coven
Third Road
Draconian Pictish - Elven Witchcraft
Differences between Feri and Wicca

What the Immortals
Confide to thy keeping.
Tell unto no man;
Waking or sleeping,
Closed be thy portals
To friend as to foeman.

Silence conceals it;
The word that is spoken
Betrays and reveals it;
By breath or by token
The charm may be broken.

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Iron Pentacle [18/02/2009
@ 23:54
For the last few weeks, we've done pentacle studies. This post is loosely based on the discussions we're having.

Iron Pentacle: Clockwise from top--Sex, Self, Passion, Pride, Power. Through the points: Sex/Head, Pride/RightFoot, Self/LeftHand, Power/RightHand, Passion/LeftFoot, back to Sex/Head.

Iron is, to me, a social tool. While many people call it "fetch-y," I don't--not because sex/pride/self/power/passion aren't nonverbal, fetch-related concepts, but because what makes them important, what makes them areas of blockages and trouble, is Talker-related. We have hangups about "sex" and not "hunger" (or not as much) because of our social connections, not because sex is a more primal, more important physical drive than hunger. The reason sex is essential to us as humans is Talker/relational--or at least, the reason it is more essential than drives like hunger or the desire to be comfortable (do we even have a name for that one?) or pain avoidance is Talker/relational. Ditto the other points: while they all deal with nonverbal drives, and they are all essential to our emotional and spiritual well-being, often moreso than our social and interpersonal health, they are rooted in our relationships with people and other entities around us. (If you can accept that as a premise, fine; if not, I'd be willing to discuss it. I'm open to other perspectives on the IP, but I'm not teaching from them, for the fairly obvious reason that I can only teach what I grok.)

My contemplations/explanations behind the cut )

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