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What is the Feri tradition?
Sensual and sexual, ecstatic and mystical, creative and eclectic, invocatory and shamanic and trance-possessory, imbued with a respect for the wisdom of Nature and a love of beauty. An initiatory witchcraft tradition and religion of faery magick.

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What the Immortals
Confide to thy keeping.
Tell unto no man;
Waking or sleeping,
Closed be thy portals
To friend as to foeman.

Silence conceals it;
The word that is spoken
Betrays and reveals it;
By breath or by token
The charm may be broken.

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"Doing the Work" [17/05/2008
@ 09:19
I think [info]eldriwolf is on to something with the idea that we should find another word than "work" to describe what we do, what skills we develop, what relationships we seek and maintain. The American "work ethic" is not life-affirming, not creative, does not mix well with the ethics of Witchcraft. There's other memetic thoughts in here... the process of giving birth should not have the same name as the process of digging ditches.

Glorifying "work" as the most noble activity a person can do is not part of my goals, not part of my values. The whole labor revolution--the 40-hour workweek the unions fought for, the insistence on paid sick leave & vacation time, the growing number of silly kitchen gadgets (and some incredibly useful kitchen gadgets--this week, I love my fridge), are all about *eliminating* work and the need for work.

Work is not something we should treasure. Work is something you have to do towards a goal... work, in itself, is not valuable. Finding a way to reach the goal without work, or with less of it, should be rewarded. If the goal involves activity, and that activity is desirable in itself, *that activity should not be called work*.

Call it play. Or art. Or active creativity. Or expression. ("The real test of a Feri is not initiation, but whether s/he's expressed Feri through his/her life.") Maybe we need brainstorming to find a new word.

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