pendulumchanges ([info]pendulumchanges) wrote in [info]femme_asylum on July 30th, 2010 at 08:49 am
Project Runway - S8E1

So they kicked off one of the dresses I kinda liked and the winner was BORING! Sure, it was a prettyish dress and the model's hair and makeup looked nice, but come on... boring! I thought Andy was going to be the winner. His outfit was super cool. ION, Christopher Collins, you are delicious. Peach, not another Wendy (so far at least), thank goodness. Oh just thinking about Wendy gets me thinking about all the other designers from past seasons... Daniel Vosovic, loved him... and Jay all the way back on S1 (who, ps, I randomly saw in NJ at a winterguard show a few months ago)... and Christian Siriano, there just are no words. Well, except fierce I guess.

Yay!Project Runway!
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