xie_xie_xie ([info]xie_xie_xie) wrote in [info]femme_asylum on March 7th, 2010 at 01:16 pm
Sensai Kanebo Total Lip Treatment : Yes or no?
I can't decide whether to give Sensai Kanebo Cellular Performance Total Lip Treatment a huge thumbs-up, a qualified "may not know for sure yet," or a disappointed thumbs down.

I suspect if it didn't cost so much, the decision would be an easier one. It definitely makes my lips fuller, smoother and even a little darker, which is kind of nice. But for this much money -- $60 -- I thought it would also quickly eliminate the crusty dry skin ridge that I'm constantly battling on my lower lip.

I like and look good in darker lipsticks, but you can't wear them if your lips are cracked. I'd heard raves from trusted sources about this stuff, so I cracked out the big bucks and bought it.

Combined with my new favorite lipstick, my lips are clearly softer and, had I never heard a word of hype about this product and not known how expensive it was, I might be raving about it here. Nothing has ever made my lips look and feel better than this combination.

It's just that I expected more.
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