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I seek lines. [18 May 2014|11:45pm]

So this is a call for lines, though I don't really mind having things hash out naturally, it would be good to know if there are any students that he'll be teaching. In his journal, there's a detailed bio about him with some quirks but also, if you want to know about him, his story is in the Ooc there In my journal and gives a good feel for his way of life. (I would link but mobile makes me sucky at it). He likes to think he's every students friend but really, Brysen comes across as your everyday asshole. He hasn't really understood the separation between being helpful, tough love and that maybe he should to tease people because it hurts their feelings (he's terrible with over sensitive teenagers so let's see how he does with young adults). He's the well intentioned asshole really, but that just covers over his own inadequacies and there will be many, especially starting a new school, new term, new rules he has trouble remembering (so there may be a lot of mistakes which is good for building lines and plots). He has a history with Tina, the security, so that's a start and I'm pretty much looking for anything. The more I scene with people, the more plot just happens on it's own (natural unplanned plot) so a heads up because I love ic surprises (giving and receiving).

[11 May 2014|12:08pm]

Hey guys!

I hope everyone is having a good time! I wanted to take a minute to let all of you see my kids so I can officially start getting plots going.

These are my kids!

Please take a look and see if anything interests you. But here are some specific things that I am looking for ... )

[07 May 2014|12:29pm]

Anyone have a use for this beautiful lady? I'm itching to bring her in. She's a blank slate right now and easy to mold.

Hey errbody! [01 May 2014|03:53pm]

Thank God April is over! Even though classes start back up for me soon, I should have a little more time now that the benefit I helped with for my friend's medical bills is over and done with. We raised a little over $700 which isn't great but better than nothing!

Anyways, reboot stuff!

JR Jones is staying. He is now in the doctorate program after deciding to go for that instead of just doing sports' medicine. He still belongs to Wolf, but Wolf has agreed to pay his tuition for him so that he is now an Alpha. This means he is looking to claim a person or two so... if anyone would be interested in getting mixed up with that mess, lemme know!

James McGaven is staying. He graduates soon and will no longer be a student but instead is going to be working as an administrative assistant to the legal studies department. He will remain on campus, living with JD, and will be considered an Alpha from this point forward though he has no real desire to claim anyone. He's got some drama that will be going down regarding some poor life choices he made back when he was still drinking too much.

Seth Klein and Tempest Ainsley-Tennyson are both gone. Seth and Ali left for whatever reason, together of course, and Tempest took off to NYC to chase her dream of being a star and took Ariel with her. She may pop in for a visit every now and then since her brother and her bff are still around, but she's not going to be a playing character anymore.

And now for the new/returning characters.

Devyn Fairfax is coming back. She is JD's ex-wife and the women's soccer and track coach. She left because her father was ill and now that he's passed away, she's returning. She's also pregnant and due in July. This all ties in with some other mess I've got planned and I have no idea how that is going to play out but she could always use friends and might not be adverse to owning a person or two.

I also have Charlotte Edwards coming into the game. She'll be starting her freshman year. She's an Omega, of course, and a bit of a handful. Some people may even call her crazy. But because her dad and brother were both cops in her hometown back in Texas, she never got into any trouble that stuck and a teacher encouraged her to focus on her grades so she could get into a good school and get away from her abusive family. She's a bit mouthy and doesn't like to take crap from anyone, so I would love to have some drama between her and an alpha.

I'm also thinking about a couple of more characters, maybe another guy and another girl. I've not really got a distinct idea about any of them yet, so I am open to suggestions if anyone is looking for something to be filled.

Anyways, glad to be back!

Nikki J.

[30 Apr 2014|07:01pm]

Hey guys! Sooooo. I am plotting a set of new kids. Two right now, to be specific (though there's a third hopping around and will be hopefully giving me more about him soon.) One is going to be the sister of Dr. Damien Lorde (requested by JJ and being developed with her). Rain was born deaf, but she doesn't let it bother her the slightest bit. She's got a pretty wicked (and sarcastic) sense of humor and an overprotective brother to deal with, but she's looking for whatever- she'll come in as an Alpha so whatever lines you guys are offering...yea. She will love!

The second is a Zeta, Willow Emerson. She's claimed by Thomas Polov because she's got some pretty severe health issues. She was born with CF and she's pretty badly affected by it, so she generally has a portable oxygen tank with her. She's a nursing student, excessively outgoing and friendly, and usually tries to do as much as she can get away with without making herself sick. [Mods: Can she be placed in a house where the HoH has some sort of medical experience? I know there are two and because of her ongoing health issues, it would be good for her I think to have easy access if needed.]

Claiming/Claimed [28 Apr 2014|09:37am]

Incase anyone needs a line filled...

My Alpha, Professor Soren Jorgensen, has 1 opening (Soren is bi and likes both sexes equally)

My Alpha, Professor Kian Riley-McGuiness, has 3 openings (Kian is gay)

My Omega, Chad Sterling, is free to be claimed (Chad has been working as a high priced call boy in nearby DC and selling himself to congressmen and senators and such, but he is bi and enjoys the fairer sex just as much)

Lines for the Reboot! [22 Apr 2014|09:40am]

(Posting here, so those who haven't been accepted yet can join in)

So, the characters that I'm keeping are all shown here...


The main characters that will need lines filled are:

*Professors Soren Jorgensen and Kian Riley-McGuiness> Neither one of them own any students at the present time.

*Chad Sterling> He is now an Omega and wearing a big red bow...

*Ronan Belyea> Has been a bad boy and let his grades slip. He is a Beta. Bring it on.

[15 Apr 2014|02:03pm]

Hello, hello! I am working on a bio for this guy here. I'm new, by the way! Hi, nice tameecha!

So because I'm so new, I would love it if I could get lines for this guy. His name is Travis Belmont, he's a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. I'm planning to get him in as the women's swim coach and the sponsor of the FCU Gastronomes. He's an ambitious and busy dude. And he's an Alpha.

A little background: He is an army brat and moved around a ton as a kid, but he was a swimmer and even qualified for the olympics in 1996, but he was in a car accident that wrecked him. He has degrees and qualifications in chemistry, naturopathic medicine, aromatherapy, kinesiology and herbal studies. He's an avid cook, speaks fluent French and does medical consults and treatment for powerful people who would rather remain anonymous.

He has a younger sister, his parents are both dead, and before Virginia, he lived in Portland. I don't know if that's going to be a challenge or not, but if anyone has any ideas, I'm open to them.

He needs pretty much everything in terms of lines, especially a beta/zeta. Friends, colleagues, anyone in the foodie club and on the women's swim team, let me know so we can establish some basic history.

Thank you and I'm looking forward to joining you all!

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