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No time to go through and weed out all the FAQs that need fixing (sleep is important) however, the FAQ on changing emails and deleting old emails needs to include that validation emails cannot ever be deleted from email history.

Unless I am informed that we'll have that same ability in like, a month.

Once given the go ahead I will write it up.

Highlander II [userpic]
updates to the support.bml needed

I was taking a peek at the support documentation and - it's seriously out-of-date. There are links to journals that no longer exist, as well as links to some that have new names. Information about invite codes is still in there. And those are just the ones that I've picked up on. I haven't worked much in support yet, so I was looking over the docs like one should when taking on a new project, and found that less helpful than it should've been.

I know this is probably copied from the LiveJournal version as it's built into the software, but it's a little misleading when you get to here: For more information on how privileges are acquired, see “Joining the Support Team”. and the link doesn't go anywhere.

Also, under 'Approving Screened Answers', there's a residual reference to 'LiveJournal' rather than 'InsaneJournal'.

And there are 'broken' images next to the LJ id's of the 3 original creators of the doc.

I think that's everything I noticed as I went through.

isabeau [userpic]

...I have no clue who has faqedit here, any more. *snicker*

Anyway, as brought up in a recent support request, FAQ 8 should indicate that permanent accounts aren't always available for purchase.

(*listens to crickets chirp*)

Qem [userpic]
New FAQ for mobile devices

FAQ to advise people having trouble browsing InsaneJournal on mobile devices to try [ ] the mobile site scheme.

Qem [userpic]

I need a new abuse FAQ or to update an existing one, so that it covers advising users to switch their community to moderated membership or posting in the case of excessive spam from a user.

Qem [userpic]

Could we have an FAQ or have this added to an FAQ, for people who may have trouble defriending people.

There's a bug for journals that have been renamed - in order for them to be defriended or removed from a community, sometimes you need to find the older usernames, and then use the admin console to remove all of the usernames in one go - otherwise it doesn't work.

Suggestions please.

FAQ 32

This FAQ needs to modify the link to the Admin Console to include the trailing slash (the other version without the slash on the end is currently broken.

☙𝕤𝕚𝕟𝕟𝕖𝕣❧ [userpic]
The first of many (About InsaneJournal category)

Due to a lot of changes on InsaneJournal, a lot of FAQ's need to be fixed. That's what I have been focusing on, going down in the order as they come. Please note a lot of things still need to be fixed and I am working on them as fast as time permits. Thank you. :)

As always, I appreciate grammar checks, spelling checks, and general all-around helpful advice.
Has been updated to remove permanent account text and to include a link just to the IJ store for now. When the appropriate FAQ's are fixed, they will be included in this. Minor HTML editing.
Updated to clear out older volunteer usernames that had been deleted (or purged/renamed) to bold, fixed up typos on [info]squeaky's name and to add everyone currently at the appropriate names. I still need a list of everyone fully consider on the support team, so this is still considered a work in progress. I also believe [info]empyreal may have renamed to a new name, but that's a suspicion of mine. Feel free to PM me if it's what I think and I can remove you from the former list (;
Another W.I.P. I am thinking of turning the old Purchase A Permanently Insane account into a full on explanation for Self-committed and creating an individual FAQ explaining the sale of Permanently Insane are rare and will be announced when the sales do go live. I wanted some feedback before doing so however.

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snakeling [userpic]
Syndication FAQs

The Syndication FAQs need an overhaul:

  • The following paragraphs in FAQ #117 need to be verified and modified if needed:

    For Free Patient accounts, only the subject (when present), the first few words of the entry, and a link to the entry will be contained in the feed.

    However, if you are a "Self-committed" [paid], Permanently Insane, or Early Inmate account holder, your feed will include the subject (when present), the full text of your entry, and a link to the entry (See for more information on the benefits of Self-committed and Permanently Insane accounts).

  • FAQ #118 should be deleted.
  • FAQ #120 needs to be updated by deleting the following paragraph:

    The number of syndicated accounts that you can add to your friends page is limited by your account type and the syndication-point cost of the accounts you are currently watching. More information about this can be found at .

  • FAQ #139 needs to be updated by deleting the following paragraph:

    The number of syndicated accounts you may add to your Friends list is limited according to a points system. This is explained in full at .

Qem [userpic]
Permanent account faq

Request for an FAQ detailing permanent accounts and the details of this announcement here: [ ]

Qem [userpic]
Why did my account get deleted by itself

Can this account be updated to take into account the recent purging of accounts?

isabeau [userpic]

Hi, people with faqedit, FAQ 6 needs to be HTML-escaped. :) Thanks!

Qem [userpic]
New FAQ for syndication. Edits please!

How can I control the way my InsaneJournal entries display on RSS feeds?

You can control how your journal is displayed on RSS feeds through the use of admin console commands.

You can choose through use of the admin console to set how much of your entries will be syndicated, although please note that this is not a substitution for setting the security level.

Read more... )

nostariel [userpic]

Could the Syndication FAQ be updated with info on the lj-cut issue and the proper Admin Console commands? Given the prevalence cross-lj/ij feeds and users trying to keep in touch with their friends on the various journaling services, it'd be really nice to have a FAQ to point to, Y/N? LiveJournal doesn't have this in their FAQ either, so imagine there are quite a few people who would find this helpful.

Qem [userpic]
Redoing friendslist displaying incorrectly

FAQ updated.

Qem [userpic]
FAQ help

I think this faq [ ] is going to need to be updated to cover for the recent purging. I believe [info]persecution wrote something up for the FAQs but I don't have enough time to go over it right now. Any suggestions for updating this one?

☙𝕤𝕚𝕟𝕟𝕖𝕣❧ [userpic]
Another FAQ fixed

FAQ 163: What should I do if someone breaks into my account? has been updated. There were several typos and links to LiveJournal instead of InsaneJournal.

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Customization FAQ's updated

Major changes to some FAQ's. I only went through and fixed CODING. I didn't mess with the wording since my main priority is to ensure all the code is working correctly. Thanks to the users of InsaneJournal who brough this to my attention. My brain is a bit too fried to check the coding and make sure it's correct, but I will assume it is. If you notice ANY errors at all, please point them out to me ASAP so I can correct them. Thank you.

FAQ 15: How do I edit the text of my comment links in S1? *
FAQ 100: What are overrides and how do they work?
FAQ 101: How do I change the font in my journal in S1?
FAQ 103: My overrides won't work. What's wrong? **

* Fixed some spelling errors as well.
** Inputted the correct codes as well.

As always, if you see some FAQ's that are incorrect, outdated, or just need something minor fixed with them, do not hesitate to let me know. Thanks!

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Qem [userpic]

This came up in support - I've split the memories FAQ into two categories...

If anyone has any suggestions or discussion about it?

What is the memory feature? How do I create memories?
How do I edit/delete memories?

This was to make it easier for users to find information.

Qem [userpic]
A New FAQ - what is a Friend All button? How do I create one?

This is an FAQ that has been a popular request among GreatestJournal users and consequently will be added to InsaneJournal quite soon.

Before it goes up, I thought I would post it here to get feed back.

Any suggestions?

What is a Friend All Button? How do I create one? )

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