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Sort capability added to search results [01 Sep 2007|05:35pm]

You can now sort your search results by Newest, Oldest, Most Popular and Least Popular when searching from the "Search" box or when clicking a link (author, fandom, tag, etc.) in a fanwork listing.
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New poll on the buries function [23 Aug 2007|10:35am]

I've posted a new poll to the LiveJournal regarding the buries function:
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Argh. Just restored from backup. [13 Aug 2007|09:02pm]

There was a database problem this evening that forced me to do a restore from backup. The backup was 20 hours old, so if you registered with the site, added or edited listings, voted or left reviews within the past 20 hours, I can't tell you how (really, really, really) sorry I am to have to tell you that that data's lost. I know how much work it is to add listings and write reviews.

If you find you can't log in, please re-register.

Thank you so much for your patience.
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Updated feature: 'Classification' selection now more flexible [13 Aug 2007|12:40pm]

Instead of a drop-down menu that forces you to choose from gen, het, slash, etc., the "classification" section, when you're editing or adding a listing, is now a text box for more flexibility.
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New feature: alternate URLs [13 Aug 2007|11:58am]

You can now add alternate locations of a fanwork to a listing when you edit an existing listing or add a new one.

Now when the admin duplicate search is run, fanworks that have the same title and author but point to different locations will be merged into one and all locations will be included on the merged record.
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Poll [06 Aug 2007|08:49am]

First the poll, then some brief background about FanworksFinder.

Poll #227 Making FanworksFinder more useful.
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

What do you think would make FanworksFinder more useful to you?

View Answers

If I could hide all listings with 0 recs via a setting in my user profile
0 (0.0%)

If I could hide all listings uploaded by the bot via a setting in my user profile
1 (100.0%)

I probably wouldn't use either of the above
0 (0.0%)

I have another suggestion for making it more useful, see my comments.
0 (0.0%)

FanworksFinder came out of strikethrough07. People were talking about an all-encompassing fanworks archive that would house everything it possibly could, and I thought, "Everything is already out there; we just need a way to find it." So that's the goal of FanworksFinder: to eventually list everything--or as much of "everything" as is possible.

The second goal is to make it easy to fanworks you want to read/view. That's why all listings are editable by any logged-in user: the more metadata a listing has, the more specific people can get when they use FanworksFinder's search box. It's all why we have the "rec" and "bury" functions, along with "People who recced this also recced...." and the ability to see a user's recs in their user profile.

Two new features are being worked on to help make finding fic even easier. The first is the ability to sort search results. The second is the ability to specify rec, bury and review thresholds--for instance, you might want to pull up House/Cuddy fics that have had at least 2 recs, or zero buries. But this latter feature is only useful if people are reccing and/or burying listings as they go through the site, so please, if you find a fanwork that you enjoy, rec it; if you find a fanwork that made your eyes bleed, bury it--either only takes a second and both help improve the database enormously.

If you have any suggestions for how FanworksFinder might further improve, please comment here or send an email to
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Search gets even better [25 Jul 2007|09:16am]

Introducing search codes!

Now you can restrict a search term to a specific field. For instance, if you're looking for "House" fic, you'd normally get every listing that has "house" somewhere in it--summary, title, etc. With the new search codes, you pull up only those listings that have "House" in the fandom field. It's easy! Here's how:


The "f:" bit is the search code. There are seven field codes available, and they're listed at the end of this post.

But first, there are a few small things you need to know about search codes.

1) You can mix search-coded terms with nonsearch-coded terms:

f:house +cane
f:potc "black pearl"

2) You can mix search-coded terms with search-coded terms:

f:house t:cane
f:lotrps p:Dom

3) If you have a search term that's two or more words, use multiple field codes instead of quotation marks.

f:boston f:legal

4) Make sure you put the search code right up against your search term.

wrong: f: house
wrong: f : house
wrong: f :house
right: f:house

5) There's no need to use a plus sign in front of a search code (+f:house) because the search code automatically requires that that term be in all the search results.

6) A minus sign in front of a search code will be ignored.

Here are the codes:

Code Description Example
a: Author a:heidi
f: Fandom f:house
c: Character c:Shizune
p: Pairing p:Dom
t: Tag t:cane
g: Genre g:horror
s: Status - either WIP or complete. You can use "w" or "c" as shorthand. s:c
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Search tip of the week & two new features [16 Jul 2007|12:22am]

Search tip of the week
Do you use the same search terms over and over again? Save your most-used searches! At the top of your search results pages you'll see a black box with "Like these results? Name this search:" in it. Give your search a descriptive name (or leave it as just the search terms if you wish) and click "Save it!"

Once you've saved a search, you can access it from the Saved Searches box in the right-hand column of every page (and also in "Your Stuff").

Saving your most-used search terms has an additional benefit: you can choose to pull up only those listings that have been added since the last time you clicked the "New only" search. (Or since you first added the search, if you haven't clicked the "New only" link for that search before.)

To delete a saved search, just click the red X (in the Saved Searches box; if you're in "Your Stuff" click "delete search").

New feature: RSS for saved searches
Searching has just become even more convenient; now you can get an RSS feed of your saved searches. You have to have at least one search saved to take advantage of this. Once you've saved a search, just click the orange RSS symbol in the Saved Searches box to access the feed. (The RSS feed link is also available from the "Your Stuff" area.)

New feature: Fandom and author info from
A light gray "info" icon has been added after each author and fandom name in story listings. Clicking this link does a search on the wiki for that author or fandom.'s information is more comprehensive in some areas than others, but fortunately it's a wiki: if you have info to add or correct, just click "create this page" if a page for that author or fandom doesn't yet exist or "edit" if you wish to add to or correct an existing entry.
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Search tip of the week [04 Jul 2007|12:18am]

Is your search bringing up results from archives you're not interested in visiting? Keep them out of your results using the minus sign (-), such as:


etc. Alternately, you can limit your search results to a specific archive:


etc.--but remember: only use one +archive in your search or you won't turn up any results!
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The official questions thread [31 Dec 2017|12:16am]

Before asking questions here, please check the FAQ to see if your question is answered there.

Anonymous commenting is on to encourage questions from users who don't have LJ accounts, but anonymous comments are screened to discourage 'hit and run' flaming.

If you'd rather ask your question privately, use our contact form or email
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