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Jonathan [userpic]

Roz and I have a tonne of yaoi/boy-love/hetro manga to sell, as well as a few gay-interest titles. Aside from the usual eBay/Amazon, does anyone know where I can post these? I’m pretty willing to negotiate prices, we just need them gone before we move.

I have posted the list here in case anyone is in anyway interested.

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To buy over Amazon, go to My Amazon Store.

Jonathan [userpic]

Dear All;

A few Manga and Western Comics to sell:

I'm willing to negotiate on price and worldwide shipping costs, so comment away!
Payment in paypal form only.

calic0cat [userpic]
Gundam Wing Doujinshi for sale

I've listed a number of Gundam Wing doujinshi for sale in this entry at my journal. Most are yaoi, mainly 2x1 or 1x2. The list includes doujinshi from circles such as Atumi Anikees, Degital Papa, Finder-W, IHATOV-honpo, Melt Down, Nattsu, Ringo-Zaidan, and Vespa, among others. This is only the first batch to be listed; more will follow over the coming week(s). I'll be listing a number of The Sentinel and Stargate SG-1 slash fanzines soon as well.

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Yaoi Manga For Sale [revised 3-25]

Hopefully I'm not messing this up too badly. ^^;

Prices are USD and including shipping in the US - int'l will be close to actual. If anyone loses on the shipping, it's me. ^_^ If you need feedback, I run a perpetual sale thread on my livejournal and am 'kallowayashton' on eBay.

Yaoi Manga, DVDs, etc. )

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Everyone Can Make Tags Now!

IJ had an upgrade Mar 12. Now I am able to let ALL POSTERS to create new tags for their posts. Approved Tags List and Request a New Tag links on the sidebars of fandom_tag_sale and procrastination are removed now.

Use whatever tags you wish on your posts :)  Or don't use any at all.
(There is still Search by Tag option on a sidebar)

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First Seven Members!

7 Members and 7 Watchers!

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Warm welcome to [info]kalloway, our first member!

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[info]fandom_tag_sale is an open non-moderated community. Open membership, everyone may post. All staff advertised for sale in this comm is responsibility of persons who put it up. Comm admins do not handle any transactions.

All staff from all fandoms is welcome here!
Do not throw your old manga away! Better give it to a fan (or sell it, even better)

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