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Jul. 8th, 2020


Overwatch, anyone? I’ve got a couple characters I can pull out including this guy.

Comments screened and plot discussion welcome.

Jul. 9th, 2020


hello! i'm seeking games, psls, or gpsls for any/all of the plethora of kids listed here! i'm open to brainstorming and have several ideas of my own, so please let me know if anything interests you.

Jul. 8th, 2020


anything for joyce byers? i'd obviously love a hopper to do a little world building but i am open to explore outside of the stranger things universe!


i would love to find a quentin/mysterio for college-aged peter, i have ideas for stuff set several years after far from home and i'm open to brainstorming!

or i'd be open to other mcu pairings for peter


missing writing him so i would love to get some psls! i'm pretty open but would especially love steve, tony, wanda or peter.

i also have a steve who would love a bucky, tony, peggy or sam.

a wanda who would love steve, bucky, natasha, peter or pietro.

a peter who would love wade, steve, tony, gwen, mj or really any of the avengers.

finally, a gwen who is open to just about anyone.


Extra! Extra! Read all about it! [info]boltonlake has some really neat requests over here for beautiful people like you.

Jul. 7th, 2020


still hoping to find a psl partner for something loosely inspired by dorohedoro. the tl;dr is that novice sorcerers use humans as guinea pigs for their magic. our characters hunt them to undo the effects of those spells, which usually leave the victims in a disfigured anthropomorphic state. i can offer more in-depth details upon request but familiarity isn't required. gen or het. willing to change pbs.


Looking for lines for 616 Clint Barton. MxF or MxM friendly. Particularly dying for a line with Mockingbird, Winterhawk, or DevilHawk but open to nearly anything. If you hit me up before I'm sorry for falling off the face of the earth - RL shit got nasty. Comments screened.


I'm looking for a Malcolm for my Edrisa. I'd also be open to lines with characters from other crime show canons or a game. Hit me up!

Jul. 6th, 2020


Calling any and all Supernatural peeps to [info]paradise_zero Literally everyone is open but Dean and Sam and they’re lonely.


Any lines for Marc Spector?


Would love to find a PSL writing this guy. He is a Marvel OC I came up with years ago. He is the son of Tony and Pepper. I am willing to throw other OCs at him or play with alternate realities or time travel. He is pansexual so pretty much open to all pairings save for his blood relatives. He has Xmen and Avenger ties so it would be easy to set him up in quite a few directions.

Jul. 5th, 2020


I would love to find a longterm psl partner to play Wanda against. Canon, cross-canon, original characters, whatever floats your boat I'm down for. Pietro and Bucky are two people I desperately want to play against, but I'm open to just about anyone else. Feel free to comment here or in the journal if you'd like to work something out!


Anyone up for a mixture of btvs, ats, spn, tvd and riverdale? What I mean is... How about a private game for a few people?

here's one idea: short and sweet )


i fully admit to being in a rona funk and disappearing sometimes but check the journal if you're brave enough!


Since we're getting Gamora our Guardians are filling up fast and we really want a Drax to join a gpsl for all the friends. We have a Thor now.


Probably a long shot but I keep watching that damn clown movie and I really, really miss writing this guy. Can I get a line for Eddie Kaspbrak from IT? I would love a Richie but I won't turn my nose up at any of the other Losers, OC's, or even working out a crossover thing in or out of the King verse. Slash or gen only.


Bit of a strange request for this girl at [info]boltonlake.

Wanda is on the cusp of moving away from a bad, currently long distance relationship. I was thinking she could encounter someone at camp that has a profound influence on her. My ideal person for this was Billy Hargrove of the Stranger Things fandom. The general idea was two tattered in their own way people meeting and however it ends up is however it ends up. I'd love a sweet romance, but if the chemistry doesn't feel right for you, they could end up being close platonic friends. Either way, a positive relationship for Wanda to have in her life at a strenuous time.


Looking for the following for [info]digitalmod:

MCU: Steve Rogers, Thor, Bruce Banner, T'Challa, Scott Lang, Hope Van Dyne. Others available, but you know, core Avengers would be awesome. We're currently all split between Parks, but those Parks will be opening up at the end of the month, first of August!

STAR WARS (CANON): Obi-Wan Kenobi! You've got some friends in Westworld who would be interesting for you to meet up with. Leia, Luke, Han.

Jul. 4th, 2020


Looking for an aged-up Shuri for my Everett Ross. Also open to a Natasha Romanoff - I’ve got basic ideas for each lady that we can start off with.

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