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RPG: Stone Baby Games' "Steal Away Jordan" Sep. 16th, 2007 @ 11:57 am
...there are tons of popular rpgs, hippie, indie, mainstream, where the objectives are to fuck people's shit up, put on over on someone, kill, maim, hurt, win, be notorious, save yourself, your loved ones, kill your enemy, live, die, do something heroic. And this game is no different.

You do not play a "subject"! You don't play a "victim"! You play a person, for crying out loud. Slaves were people. If you play a person, you will likely strive for good things to happen to you and everyone you care about. You'll look for good things. You'll seek to love people. And you'll probably figure out real quick how to get out of bad things happening to you. You'll then create an uplifting story, because, coming out of adversity is uplifting, it's what most slave narratives are about, it's what slaves would want to do. Heck it's what many, many role playing games are about. Slave narratives are about people who happen to be slaves, but are people first. Slave narratives are about people maintaining their dignity and humanity in the face adversity. Sounds like a lot of role playing games.
Julia Bond Ellingboe on her game Steal Away Jordan

The above is actually from discussions I learned of via [info]gamers_of_color) at lj.
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