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Apr. 28th, 2020


Anyone wants to write Patrick Jane Against my Teresa?

It can be something within the series. 🌟THE MENTALIST🌟 Or something AU. I'm good with anything.

🌟Also. Romanrogers?

Or 🌟SUPERNATURAL🌟 a Dean Winchester AU against one of any of my girls?
Perhaps Crowley against one of my girls?

Comment in my IJ please. Thank you ❤️

Apr. 13th, 2020


Your Character(s): Ochaco Uraraka, Mal Bertha, Donna Troy, Daisy Johnson, and Regina Mills
Character(s) wanted: Pretty much anyone from their respective fandoms. They're all currently the only ones from them. There are other MCU people in Daisy's case, but she's the only person from Agents of SHIELD.
Community or PSL: Game is [info]thedisplaced. It's super friendly and welcoming, and I would love to see some more familiar faces!
Fandom: My Hero Academia, Disney's Descendants, DC Universe's Titans, Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Once Upon A Time.
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: TV / Movies
Contact: Feel free to hit up the contact post in Ochaco's journal regarding any of them!

Apr. 19th, 2020


[info]vallomod Looking for the following characters:

Teen Wolf: Lydia Martin, Malia Tate, Noah Stilinski, Derek Hale, Liam Dunbar, Kira Yukimura

Agents of SHIELD: Phil Coulson, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Melinda May, Alphonso 'Mack' Mackenzie, Elena 'Yo-Yo' Rodriguez, Bobbi Morse, Robbie Reyes

DCEU: Everyone from the Justice League. Barry is all alone.

Apr. 11th, 2020


I would love to have an active Derek Hale at [info]vallomod or any Hale family members!


Supernatural - The Mentalist - Lucifer.


👉🏻 I know it's looking for a bit of water in the dessert. But, Supernatural AU/ OC or Crossover? Looking for Any of the boys or Crowley.

👉🏻 I finished The Mentalist. So I could try writing Teresa against Patrick OR do a crossover and write Teresa in a crossover with Lucifer. if we take turns to write Luce, maybe he ended in The Mentalist world and manages to drive both Patrick and Teresa crazy. ❣️

Comment on my IJ if interested please.
I write past. Third time.
I plot. I don't do organic lines. But if I plot, I like to get to the writing... So please think about the amount of time you do have, and the lines you can actually handle. Thank you! ❤️

Apr. 5th, 2020


I would like to see more Teen Wolf characters over at [info]vallomod! So far we have Stiles and Scott with an Allison on hold.

Mar. 9th, 2020


I would love to see more Teen Wolf characters over at [info]vallomod! So far, it's just Stiles and Scott.

Feb. 27th, 2020


Still looking for a Poe to join this guy here at a small GPSL set after TRoS.

Feb. 22nd, 2020


Hello! Addison Wells from Zombies and Zombies 2 would love castmates at [info]themodspot! We are pre-plotting at [info]spotpotential so get your hold in before the game opens in March! We'd love to have you. Tons of popular roles open! ♥

Feb. 14th, 2020


Hello! Tony Stark invites all fandoms to join [info]themodspot! The Spot RPG is a brand new game with lots of popular roles open. Set to open March 14th! Early holds have plenty of time to apply. :)

Feb. 9th, 2020


Howdy. I'm looking for a Poe to join me at a small GPSL for shenanigans, someone to also distrust Ben with, and the love story we didn't get with Disney 🤣. Currently one of our other members is running him, but we're looking for someone to take him over on a more permanent basis.

Interested? Comments are screened.

Jan. 8th, 2020


WANTED: Steve Rogers

Your Character: Tony Stark
Character(s) wanted: Steve Rogers
Game: over at Avengers.
Fandom: MCU
Canon or AU: Canon Characters stuck in an AU parallel universe.
Medium: Movies & TV!
Contact: character contact post.
Other: Steve's needed for upcoming storylines. Would like to find a writer willing to collaborate with my character for team management and heavy plotting. Please leave a message on my character's contact post (linked above) if interested? :)

Jan. 12th, 2020


Looking for a Malia Tate for a friendship line over at [info]somerealitymods.

Jan. 4th, 2020



GAME: [info]somerealitymods
WANTED PLOT: Tony has a bunch of adopted and bio kids in game, but needs his Harley!
PB PREFERENCE? Any you think fits!

You can find information about me at [info]between_muses!

Jan. 3rd, 2020


Does anybody want/need an Eddie Kaspbrak around? Willing to play him in a lot of different ways, and am open to almost anything with him!

Dec. 31st, 2019


Strange request I know but I would love to find an adult Draco for my Albus. AU where both end up working for the Department of Mysteries and are paired together for a secret project involving probably a horcrux of some sort. World Building and the like.

Would also love to play any of the characters listed in this journal.

Dec. 13th, 2019


[info]discplacedmod Can I pretty pretty please get Tifa Lockhart, Cloud Strife and Zack Fair while I app for this game? You don't have to use a real life pb for the character, but if you want to, you can.

I mostly Ship Aerith with Zack, but I'd be willing to try out Cloud too or if you bring in Vincent Valentine, I can totally see that working for some reason. But I always imagined Zack and Aerith never got to make love, or do many other fun things together. They could totally go on adventures in Texas and read graphic novels together and find whacky things to get into. Totally have this cute image of her getting fluffy white cream on her nose and Zack going to wipe it off but he's like nope and licks it off instead. And Aerith braiding Zack's hair Duo Maxwell style. Time to find his ass a Gundam!

Cloud for long personal talks, giving each other advice, having tea/coffee in the mornings with a side of toast and eggs/bacon and reading fictional fantasy novels to each other. I've always seen Cloud as secretly nerdy, so he'd definitely be into escapism I think. I can see them playing race car games together, fighting games where she surprisingly kicks his ass and shoves it in his face like ha The flowergirl from Midgar strikes again!, and JRPGs while Aerith backseat games and gets on his nerves, telling him where to go in the game and what to do. He'd probably be like Man, why are you alive? lmao Then get real mad at himself he said it while Aerith just goes into gigglefits, forgives him and starts playing with his hair too. And even her teaching him how to Garden. I feel like Cloud would be excited to learn to make tomatoes, because his mom used to have a tomato garden when he was a kid. (These are just my headcanons, whoo) He'd definitely get the longest hugs even if Zack becomes her boyfriend/husband in the long run. She feels Cloud needs a lot of love and affection to be honest. So she'd be like Surprise affection attack for Chocobo-man! SQUAWKKKKK!

I want Tiffy for bestfriend things. Them gardening together, cooking for everyone together, having fruity alcoholic drinks late at night while they tease Cloud for being so backwards and Zack for eating everything in sight, painting each other's toenails, girlstuff but I also love the idea of Tifa teaching Aerith how to fight/box? Honestly, get them in a gym together and go wild. As I've learned the Jo Harvelle has a bar, The Roadhouse. So Tifa would have a bar to cook in, serving food and drinks in too. At least until she got her own bar? I feel like Tifa and Jo would easily become besties in time. I feel like her and Tifa and (And Jo too!) could throw a lot of random parties for no reason, just to bring people together and celebrate life. So long hours decorating and coming up with different themes and food and drink themes too. All the plots!

Alternatively if no one from FF7 interests you, you could bring in people from other Final Fantasies and see what blossoms!

I'll be aping Dean Winchester as well. So bring me Papa John Winchester, Bobby Singer, Charlie Bradbury, Ellen Harvelle (There's a Jo!) or whoever else you have muse for in the Supernatural fandom. Pretttttty please? Preeeeettty please? Yessums. All the characters. Sorry this got so long, just so excited to find a place to play Aerith! Whoo.

X-posted to [info]fandom_psls and a final fantasy one.

Dec. 12th, 2019


[info]silenthillsmods The run down of the game is Silent Hill set in it's real world realm, while characters also experience nightmares. In the same vein as panfandom games like Daybreaktown and Boltonlake, fandom characters are reimagined and molded to the world of Silent Hill, because they have always lived and breathed there. Original characters are also very much welcomed. If you're wanting Silent Hill's core elements like the hellworld and otherworld, you'll have to wait a while, because the mod feels too many SH games fail because it's all about survival too early on and hardly any character development/relationship developments. Until then you've got The nightmares/dreams to keep you entertained for the horror elements in between all that.

Bella would love to see characters from Twilight. She's an AU where she realized Edward was brainwashing her, escaped with the help of Jacob and the quieletes, and ended up having an abortion to save her life. Charlie Swan would also be a bonus too! My Sam Winchester [info]winchesterfreak would love to have his brother in game, and, perhaps Jessica Moore or Jo Harvelle for his wife. (I am such a hardcore Sam/Jo shipper) He's going to be a lawyer for the town. My Walter Sullivan would love to see other Silent Hill characters. I've always had a soft spot for friendship between Eileen and Walter, but I'm also super shippy about Heather Mason and Walter too. PB will be Charlie Hunnam, if that helps at all.

We got a Bucky hold from MCU, so you know we need characters like The Cap, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and even Black Widow. We need all the MCU holds, those characters have so much intriguing history they'll be easy to reimagine.

Other fandoms I'd love to see are: Riverdale, BTVS/ATS/JOSS WHEDON VERSE, Resident Evil (Games or Movies), The Vampire Diaries/The Originals/Legacies, Dark Angel, Being Human (UK or US), American Horror Story, FX's Legion, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, IT Reboot or even original, Shameless (UK OR US), Dexter (Why not?), The Walking Dead, X-Men Movie Franchise, Until Dawn, Fatal Frame, Death Note, Doki Doki Literature Club, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, DC Comics, and Gilmore Girls even.

Dec. 8th, 2019


[info]somerealitymods An active Malia Tate, please!

Oct. 27th, 2019


Seeking Bruce Banner & Happy Hogan <3

Yo, Bruce & Happy... )

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