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Dec. 25th, 2018


I would love to have castmates over at [info]valar! They can be from the movie or the books.

Nov. 27th, 2018


Looking for a Malia Tate for a friendship line over at [info]valar.

Oct. 24th, 2018


I'm finding myself having a lot of free time again and I would love some Kdrama lines.

Blood: I play Yoo Ri Ta, looking for Park Ji Sang.

Descendants Of The Sun: I play Kang Mo Yeon, looking for Yoo Si Jin.

What's wrong With Secretary Kim: I play Kim Mi So, looking for Lee Young Joon.

The Greatest Marriage: I play Cha Ki Young, looking for Park Tae Yeon.

Any line can be AU, after canon, before canon, anything goes as we can plot it out together.

Oct. 22nd, 2018


Looking for a Steve Rogers for a line with Peggy Carter, Gamora for Peter Quill, and more over at [info]avengers_mods!

Sep. 10th, 2018


We would love to see Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Derek Hale, Cora Hale, Malia Tate, Melissa McCall, and other Teen Wolf characters over at [info]valar!

Aug. 9th, 2018


Star Trek Reboot
This is a looooooooooong shot but anyone interested in a rare pairing, Scotty/Jim? I'd really like an engineer for my captain(I tend to write Jim).
I really like AU's but canon is fine with me! I'm pretty flexible.
If no one's up for a rare pair, then I'm totally down for McKirk as well!
However, I use either Discord or Google Hangouts for my PSLs.
Hella bored - desperate.
My only rules are is no one under 18 can do a psl with me in case smutty things happen since I am over 21.
I can do a PSL anytime today - I got no plans.z

Aug. 4th, 2018


[info]good_mods I would love to see Lydia Martin, Derek Hale, Cora Hale, Malia Tate, Allison Argent, and anyone else that isn't taken in the game.

Jun. 20th, 2018


Looking for a Judy Robinson for my Don West. I just finished the first season and need this. I can't be the only one, right?

(I apologize for all of the x-posting.)

Jun. 14th, 2018


Hello! I'm looking for some fandom mates for my kids at [info]valar, a panfandom reincarnation game. It takes place in Orange County California, where everyone lives their normal life there, but dreams of their other life.

I play Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan [info]outsidethewalls, and our Armin [info]beyondthewalls and I would love to have the third member of our trio about. And even if you don't have a muse for Mikasa, we'd just love to have the rest of the cast around in general.

I also have [info]sailor_v Aino Minako from Sailormoon, and she's currently the only pretty sailor suited soldier of love and justice, who really wants her fellow magical girls around.

May. 17th, 2018


Would be great to see some more Marvels at [info]theconsole — but would also love to see some GOT, Star Wars, DC, OUAT, and actual video game characters too, would be a riot <33

May. 14th, 2018


[info]freedomtownmod More Maze Runner characters, please! So far we have Thomas, Newt and Brenda.

Apr. 29th, 2018


currently seeking got/asoiaf psls. het or femme is fine. particularly interested in sandor, jon, robb, jaime, dany or margaery but am open to discussing other pairings. i'd also be willing to brainstorm darker au lines with a ramsay, roose or littlefinger. a s5 "fix it", if you will.

Apr. 28th, 2018


Your Character(s): James T. Kirk
Character(s) wanted: Spock, Bones, Pike, Khan, others
Fandom: Star Trek Reboot
Canon or AU: Both! I like canon, but a good AU would not go amiss!
Contact: this journal

Apr. 3rd, 2018


- Cross Posted -

Couldn't help but note the parallels between Killmonger and Magneto, and wondered what'd happen if they teamed up? Erik wants to support violent revolution for the oppressed, Mags wants freedom for mutants. It could start as an uneasy alliance, but one where they ultimately have to work together to fend off the likes of the Avengers/X-Men and bring the world to it's knees.

Could take place in present day, or we could set it in the late 60's (First Class era) to keep Magneto's age and history, and also give Killmonger even MORE reason to want revolution.

- A male Magneto would be a non-sexual/romantic line.

- For something with a mix of plot and smut, a genderbent Magneto, or female mutant revolutionary (Emma Frost anyone?) and/or other similar characters.

Open to ideas, characters from other fandoms, etc.

Mar. 18th, 2018


I have a lot of free time right now and I would love some more long-term PSLs (Please comment only if you're willing to commit).

The Flash: Looking for a Barry to write against my Iris. I'm thinking their version from another earth could be fun, there's a lot to explore there. AU/Canon all welcome. Bonus points if they have the tornado twins at some point.

Riverdale: I know this is an odd ship, but Archie and Cheryl have a lot of chemistry and I ship them more than others. An Archie willing to write against my Cheryl would be amazing.

Star Wars: I play Jyn and I would love a Cassian in a plot where they survive and fight with the Rebellion.


Harry Potter -Looking for a Teddy Lupin to write against my Rose Weasley in a PSL. We could even do a few more to make it a bigger Next gen PSL.
- A Rolf Scamander or a Ron to write against Hermione

Others - A Dean Winchester, Logan Echolls, Alec Hardison, or a Leo against Veronica Mars.
- A Bruce Banner or Barry Allen for Claudia from Warehouse 13. Anyone from Warehouse 13
for family shenanigans would be good!
- Anyone who wants to write against my Kenzi Malikov.
- A Cormoran Strike for my Robin Ellacott!


Mar. 15th, 2018


looking for an active alec to join us over at [info]headoffice! also, izzy and clary. jace accepted but magnus sort of doesn't care one way or another. ragnor fell and dot, also needed!

Mar. 12th, 2018


Hey there! Looking for some lines for a few of my kids over at [info]aequorea!

My little Lilykins here would really like her cousin, Hugo Weasley! The idea is that they are members of a Wizard rock band called Rising Phoenix. Lily does lead vocals and plays drums in the band! We also have Scorpius, Rose, Molly Weasley II and Teddy in game!

Would also really love a Cisco Ramon for my Barry Allen for all the shenanigans of ever. Currently, we have Killer Frost Caitlin also in game.

Jace Herondale for his parabatai Alec. We also have an Izzy and Magnus in the game.

Along the same Shadowhunter angle.... a Tessa Grey for my Jem Carstairs!

An Eleventh Doctor for my Amy Pond please! Rory and River are more than welcome too. <3

Also..... slightly less likely to get a hit for this one, but I have an OC who is native to Aequorea. His pb is Jung Jungkook, and you could check out his info here! Mostly looking for a big brother (possibly Suga/Yoongi pb) and possible romantic line.



Hello! Over at [info]aequorea we are looking for a Albus Severus for a ship with Scorpius Malfoy! If you'd like, I can get you in touch with our Scorpius before you app for any questions you might have!

We're looking for a lot of characters too, so check out our taken page and wanted pages. Feel free to ask me any questions as well!

Feb. 25th, 2018


Are there any panfandom games out here right now that allow characters with a previous game's history?

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