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Somebody Saved Me [Genma, Katsuko][Nov. 30th, 2011|11:26 pm]

[Adult Content Warning: This thread contains one NC-17 moment, about half-way through, which is noted in the title of the entry containing it.]

[Takes place in early September, approximately four months following Tiny Little Fractures and Something We’ve Been Missing.]

When Genma got the mission assignment, he didn’t tell Raidou. Not the details, anyway. Not that it was an eros mission. He packed up his kit and put his tools together, and sealed the necessary clothes and equipment into a scroll while Raidou was out for a run.

It wasn’t like Genma was cheating exactly, but... He felt weird about it. Felt so weird about it that he couldn’t quite bring himself to say, when he was kissing Raidou goodbye, “By the way, I’m going to be sucking cock on this mission. Don’t worry, I’ll play safe.”

He kissed his lover goodbye, shouldered his pack, pulled his mask into place, and went to the mission briefing without managing to mention what kind of mission this was at all. And he felt just a little like a bastard about it.

The briefer was a woman Genma knew pretty well — one of the good ones who understood what an Eros agent needed to do his or her job well. His handler for this mission was there, too. Asano Hajime. Good guy. Smart. Intuitive.

Also a little on the small side. But size wasn’t the important thing in a handler. That’s why you took muscle along on a mission like this one.

Unfortunately the muscle was nowhere to be seen.

“Who’s this Katsuko chick, anyway?” Genma asked Hajime quietly, while the briefer studied something in one of her folders.

“The one with the chakra surge problem,” Hajime answered, just as quietly.

Genma raised one eyebrow,

“You know,” Hajime continued. “Jounin, about this tall...” He sketched a line in the air with his palm. “Super butch but kind of cute, and not a dyke. She’s kenjutsu and ninjutsu.”

When Genma still didn’t nod in recognition, Hajime added, “The one who has crazy overproducing chakra flares. I know you know about her, Gen.”

“The one who was experimented on or something like that?”

Hajime nodded an exasperated yes just as the briefer looked up. “Are you gentlemen finished gossiping?” she asked. “I may as well get started with you, while we wait for our missing agent to arrive. This is your target.” She tossed a photograph of a good-looking Suna ninja onto the table in front of Genma. “He’s married and completely in the closet, and he likes to get a little man-on-man action when he’s on missions that take him away from home. He’ll be guarding Kiyama Yuinon. And you’ll be helping him commit dereliction of duty.”
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