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Boo! [May. 25th, 2020|05:48 pm]

[Current Mood | chipper]

Oh, lordy. Has it really been three years since my last post with any real content? I swear I’ve been here, just living up to the “Lurking” portion of my journal title.

So, first and most importantly, we are still sane (or at least no less so than usual) and COVID-19-free.

Quick recap of major events from the last couple of years:

  • Discovered that Wisconsin state law specifically and explicitly states that the term “toxic substance” does not include lutefisk. I kid you not. *
  • Found out that I would happily choose to vacation in New Orleans if I ever get the chance, which was rather a shock, since I’m really not a fan of cities in general. I don’t mind going for work, but I’m more likely to choose someplace without so many people if it’s on my own dime.
  • March through October of last year, I averaged being on the road at least two consecutive nights (or more) every two weeks or so, mostly for work, but a couple self-inflicted (annual Firefly LARP, a St Louis run to see a really funky Shakespeare presentation with my sister-in-law that involved a ferry ride, that sort of thing). I really love that I get paid to travel but that was a little much! :P
  • Realized I have issues with yeast, which explains why I’d basically cut bread out of my diet without noticing, but also means NO BEER unless I’m willing to pay for it in aching joints and water retention (etc. Don't ask.). I have to admit there’s this neat brewpub in Indiana for which I’m willing to pay that price… But, as a rule, no beer, no cider, no wine, except under extraordinary circumstances. /pouts/ On the bright side, I’ve discovered that rum** and tonic is a worthy substitute. (I love gin, but it does not love me!)
  • Buns was diagnosed with low-grade follicular lymphoma late last spring, but the six-month chemo course sent it into remission and they say it should be years before it flares up again, though they want regular check-ups. He’s pretty much back to normal now, even though his immune system is still a little wonky. (His new antibodies haven’t been thoroughly trained on the various cold and flu viruses running around yet.)
  • Hit 82 bird species seen on or from our property.
  • The Girl now also works at the same company I do. (Buns has for several years now.)
  • I have developed a recurring case of impostor syndrome: I serve on the advisory board for a non-profit company that created and administers an international management system standard, and a while back, I was asked to lead the technical committee for rewriting it to make it easier to understand. Now they keep asking me how to interpret bits of their own standard. This is very, very weird. 0.o 

Which brings us to this year and COVID-19.

On a sad note, one of my LARP buds died from complications. He got off the ventilator and out of the ICU one day and was gone the next.

On the other hand, I never cease to be grateful I work for the small company I do: the owner/CEO (also my direct supervisor) actually does give a shit about his employees and is really good at forward planning and adapting to circumstance.

Starting in March, anyone that couldn’t work from home but didn’t want to or couldn’t go in to work for whatever reason continued to be paid 60% of their regular wage, by the company, not the government, which also let them keep their health insurance, etc., and those that did work at the facility got extra pay.  I’ve been working from home right along and am being reimbursed for internet and so on, the Girl has been alternating weeks going to work and staying home, and Buns just stayed home. (Our house is cleaner that it has been in in ages. Yay, Buns!)

In April, they also sent out care packages to every employee, including the ones not actually working, with stuff like hand sanitizer and gloves and cookies and coloring books, plus a $50 gift card. I mean, yeah, it wasn’t a lot, but it was a really nice thought. (Buns and I pooled our cards and bought a new grill…)

While the current work set-up winds down tomorrow, the company has staggered shifts and redone the facility layout to maintain distancing between workstations, plus taken a bunch of other measures, and those of us who can work from home will continue to do so. (The Girl has made lovely masks for all of us.) Obviously still no travel for me, darn it. I was supposed to be in Seattle in March, possibly Annapolis in late May, and New Orleans in in October, though I suppose that last may still happen. We’ll see…

* if you wanna, you can look it up; it’s WI Stat 101.58(j)2.f

** Particularly Kraken, a pretty tasty, spiced black rum, which also somehow manages to be reasonably priced



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