February 2010




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Jan. 17th, 2010


Characters:  Penelope Brisbois Sr and Charity (a servant)
Setting:  Brisbois Manor
Rating:  E for Evil
Summary:  Uh... E for Evil?
Status:  Narrative, Complete

After two months with no sign of this foolish game ending, Penelope Brisbois started to plan. )

Jul. 11th, 2009


Who:  Penelope Brisbois (the elder)
What:  Motherly musings
Where:  The Brisbois Estate
When:  Today
Rating:  Devious
Status:  First person journal, complete

10 July

I do not worry for Penelope's fate; hers will be one most easily secured once Genevieve's is taken care of.  And, to that end, plans are coming together well; better, perhaps, even than I might have expected they would. 

I have been in correspondence these last three months with Mssr Humphrey Spebbington, of Remick.  The only heir of a considerable estate (the family owns a copper mine in the north, I have been told), no one was more surprised than I when he approached Germaine and I, inquiring after our daughters.  Of course, my first instinct was to offer Penelope, but upon further reflection, I realized that I might not get another opportunity such as this to secure Genevieve away.  Surely her... surly reputation has not reached quite so far north as Remick!

Mssr Spebbington has agreed to take Genevieve's hand in marriage, sight unseen; and it is, I believe, better this way.  Her dowry is, of course, a considerable one, and he will no doubt earn that quite quickly in finding some way to... manage her.  He will be arriving for the girls' birthday in a week hence, and staying for some as-of-yet undecided length of time.  If I am quite fortunate, perhaps a wedding might be arranged within the fortnight!

Germaine has received word as to Mssr Spebbington's offer, and agrees that this may well be Genevieve's sole chance at securing a proper future.  He claims that he wants to "look the man in the eye" before finalizing the decision, but I know my husband well enough; when faced with his favorite daughter being ruined (or a spinster), there is truly no other decision to be made.