Oct. 9th, 2007


Okay, so I'm totally a poser.

I mean, why else would I say I'm taking icon requests, moments after reading a post by [info]marishna, who is also taking icon requests? Heh. Anywho!

This ain't your average icon requests post -- namely, I find myself with too much schoolwork to go digging for pictures myself. So, to make things easier on me, please include the images you want made into icons with your request. I will not make request icons without images.

Request away! :D

Sep. 11th, 2007


Inaugural icon post!

This is my first-ever icon post here at [info]explodeycrap on IJ. I'm super-excited, seriously. :D It's kinda a meager offering, but pretty! ::points:: Older posts from my LJ icon journal will be backed up here at some point.

06 Sweet Charity
05 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 comic covers
04 Dexter Season 1
04 Adrien Brody
04 Steve Sandvoss
04 Hugh Dancy

I have three stipulations -- none of that "No [site x, y, and z!]", "Do not edit these for fear of DEATH!", or "These icons are for [users 1, 2 and 3] ONLY!" stuff here:
A. Comment if you like them.
B. Credit[?] if you take them.
C. Do not hotlink[?], as everything's hosted on my own webspace.

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