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    Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003
    9:18 pm

    Gorgeous. *swoon*

    <3, missy

    (lick it)

    5:48 pm
    Okay, so here it is, my first ever community made. It's all about Ewan! If you love him, don't be afraid to say it! Say it loud and proud, and join our community!!

    So I am the moderator of this community. I'm Missy. =]

    Rules. Yes, there are rules, but only a few.

    1). Please respect everyone's opinion and feelings. There is no need to get hostile with other members over Ewan.

    2). NO bad display of Ewan. (I.E. Nude pictures) This is a community to respect what he has done, and futhermore, worship him. =]

    3). Please try to post things about Ewan, and not about your personal lives. That is what your OWN journal is for.

    4). Have fun in this community, and post anything you want: pictures, articles, anything about Ewan!

    Any questions, please feel free to e-mail me: firefreak040@aol.com

    <3, missy

    Current Mood: accomplished

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