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12/13/08 05:10 pm - [info]evil_mods - POSTING ORDER


Okay, so the Orientation log is about to go up and I just wanted to set up a posting order before things get to crazy. If you want to skip your turn it's fine but with how many characters we have you should have at least one thing to react to.


Spencer (who is not in the room, he's actually coming in via video monitor)
Sergei (hangin' out with Spencer so maybe not a ton to say, BUT HE IS STILL THERE and if he has to he has a place to post ♥)

That's that! :D

9/12/08 05:37 pm - [info]h_u_n_k_ - KILL IT WITH FIRE Y/N

So. That with the anti-Umbrella log clogging up the works:

Given that it's taken forever to get this thing finished, do I have any votes to just kill it off and have all players involved assume that weapons were had and badassery was established? Or would we rather finish this thing for posterity's sake?

Another idea: in at least two other RP comms I've been in, the timeline was fixed but fluid, if that makes any sense. Although we have the log established, and we can finish it for sure, we could always fudge the line a little and start up the orientation log while we wait for that thing to finish. Ihunno, just an idea to make sure the activity doesn't die out totally.

9/9/08 02:32 pm - [info]eminence_grise

Not that we've been doing a whole lot while this massive log has been going on, waiting for the chance to start the orientation log, but I'm going on hiatus until September 15th and I'm taking Ema with me.

8/13/08 08:24 am - [info]eminence_grise

I think most of you know, but Ema and I have our internet back. We're a little slow right now, because this first week of college is kicking us both in the ass and we're having trouble finding time to do much of anything. I've got posts on my LJ in-between classes, but not enough time to think hard enough to come up with coherent RP.

I think right now, we're waiting on the Barry-Chris-Jill-Claire log to be finished before we can proceed. Once that log is finished, I think the next major thing in line is the island Orientation.

If anyone wants/needs/is able to do any other logs in the meantime, please feel free, but if you're don't/can't/etc., it's alright. I do understand that things are crazy right now and over the next few weeks for a lot of people.

Here's where things stand, insofar as I know, in terms of plot:

  • Everyone has received invitations to the island.

  • Nicholai has arrived on the island. HUNK has oriented him with a bit of policy and procedure, and is going to (has?) vouched for him to Spencer to get him out of receiving the injection on the basis that he's a suspicious Russian s.o.b. and he's not going to stand for it.

  • Wesker has arrived on the island, met up with HUNK, received his injection, and been shown to his housing.

  • Jill, Barry, Chris and Claire are hanging out at Barry's house, getting stocked up and prepared for their trip to the island.

Are there any major events I'm missing? Any questions anyone has? I can field them, although I can't promise I'll have immediate answers.

I'd like to have a chat sometime regarding what we should expect at the Orientation and what sorts of ideas everyone has, but I don't know when everyone's schedules will match up. For now, go ahead and feel free to toss out ideas and discuss things in comments here if you want.

8/12/08 09:47 am - [info]ginovaef - sporadic times

I'm going to try to get all my tags (I'm sorry HUNK-mun for being so behind) but I am going to be slow. I have to pack for college, I have a 45 hour work week this week on top of it, next week I need to have everything ready for moving, I'm traveling, and I have writing projects up the ass to punch out. So please, be patient with me these next few weeks. I'm sorry.

8/6/08 07:23 pm - [info]mutation


Alex and I are having issues with our internet connection. :/ We thought we could change our services and have a "flawless trasition" like we were promised. We were wrong! :D :D :D

So we probably won't have internet for a few days. IT IS KILLING ME. I am currently typing this from work, but I don't really have enough time/a good environment to log at work, and Alex doesn't have the opportunity to post at all. :/

I'll keep you guys updated. ♥♥♥

8/4/08 02:05 pm - [info]ginovaef

So hay.


8/2/08 01:02 am - [info]evil_mods - HI EVERYONE

Hey everyone!

The great mind of [info]h_u_n_k_ has come up with a new part of the comm which I have decided to institute. :3

Everybody go join [info]evil_past! Okay, you don't have to. It's actually totally optional. You can go to the community user info to read what the new comm is all about, but to give a basic rundown, it's a community for logging things outside of the scope of the RP, but still with the same characters, etc. IT'S FOR FUNTIEMS

Like I said, totally optional, but Alex and I wanted an excuse to play young!Wesker and young!Birkin somewhere it should be pretty fun for anybody who wants to participate, so please do! :D

Em ♥

8/1/08 02:55 pm - [info]h_u_n_k_ - Island Orientation?

Okay, so, I have an idea:

Is it possible that once everyone officially gets there, there can be some kind of "orientation" or briefing for the characters arriving? I mean, it could be done in a manner where they all get invited to dinner and Spencer greets them and whatnot, and tells them things like, "Don't eat the red berries, they're bad for you; no guns unless you scavenge them; you can't call back to mainland for backup, so put that phone away Miss Redfield...."

I mean, it would be a good way to have everyone know who's on the island, as well as that way characters and players can be more certain in the laws of the island.

On the other hand, we could just play it fast and loose if we wanted to do less structured and more Survivor-esque shenanigans. :D

7/30/08 01:36 pm - [info]evil_mods - HEY

Hey guys!

I updated the locations post with some stuff! I'll finish compiling pictures and put more competent descriptions eventually.

Also, I was thinking the helicopter landing pad would be at the left side of the island on that beachy area. Let me know what you think.


7/27/08 03:54 pm - [info]mutation - OKAY LOL

I'm too lazy to log out of this journal.

ANYWAY LOL for this log, Claire will be joining us!

Also, I wanted to set up a posting order so things didn't get crazy. If there's a need for someone to skip their turn or whatever that's fine, but I think it's much easier to have a posting order for things like this, so.

I guess we'll go in this order:


and then over again.

Sound good to you guys?

7/26/08 11:34 am - [info]ginovaef - so hay hiatus

Next week, from Thursday to Sunday, I will be gone. Connecticon is next weekend and I have to party it up like a god-damn pirate for three days. SO. I will be unavailable from the 31st until the 3.


7/24/08 11:24 pm - [info]barry_burton - Barry log

Yo, all! Specifically Jill and Chris: Jill thought up of an idea to have the three anti-Umbrella peeps convene. Weapons! Super stuff. Anyway, I need to know how many of us there'll be so I can throw up a post. So, are both Jill and Chris in?

Considering Peregova's off the coast of Canada, they could probably get weapons from the Burton household, if that sounds like a good idea. I can't imagine Barry NOT keeping weapons there, at any rate.

So, what say you, yay or nay?

7/23/08 02:38 am - [info]evil_mods

Hey guys!

Do me a favor and use the Friend's Add List, which will add Sergei to your list and sadly remove Ada, whom we had to take off due to two weeks inactivity. :/


7/21/08 01:23 am - [info]eminence_grise - OIC FTW

[info]eminence_grise (11:36:59 PM): Also, I was pretty much serious about Sergei. So I hope that HUNK was too. Lulz.
[info]eminence_grise (11:37:24 PM): Because.
[info]ginovaef (11:37:25 PM): ....OH SNAP.
[info]eminence_grise (11:37:29 PM): This RP needs moar Russians.
[info]ginovaef (11:37:53 PM): Fuck yeah.

And then, the fun begins... )

7/20/08 10:30 pm - [info]ginovaef

SO HAY. Sorry for not replying the past two days. Work has been crazy.


7/17/08 11:01 pm - [info]let_me_live - Claire's back~!

*can't even REMEMEBER if this is the right place to say stuff anymore @_@*

But yeah! Me and Claire are still here and we wanna play~! Just wanted to say that since Steve is no longer with us (is Leon? PLEASE say you are!) and I fail at getting online as much lately as I used to (the boyfriend has a new job that starts at 7.30am which means us being up and about 6.30am and therefore, being in the time-zone I'm in ANYWAY, I'm likely to be in bed when you guys are online - booo!) it would be super-cool if anyone wanting to plot could drop me an email until I get my schedule a little more sorted? Pretty please...?

The email address is; LarlarUlysses@googlemail.com - I look forward to hearing from you guys!


PS - Seriously, I'm so sorry I fail so hard... DON'T HATE ME! ;_;

7/14/08 09:00 pm - [info]h_u_n_k_ - BEATING UP HUNK

Hey, all!

Yes, you read that right. Beating upon HUNK.

I brought this up a while back, and it was received with interest. The idea was to brutalize HUNK in hopes to garner information.

I'm throwing this out there to figure out who wants to do this? I was figuring it could be a group (i.e. Chris, Wesker, & Leon, since they seem to be the most likely to use unethical measures :D), or we could have a maverick out for their own information and gain.

If we want to do this in some kind of chronological order, we could do it after people arrive to the island, and they get some time to think and get cockblocked by Spencer. Or, if no one cares about what gets done when, I'd be happy to start as soon as possible!

So: who wants to be the person(s) to try to extract information from him?

7/3/08 04:22 pm - [info]evil_mods

Hey guys!

Please use the Friend's Add List to update and remove some of the players that we had to let go for inactivity.


6/29/08 04:52 pm - [info]evil_mods - Mod?

I wanted to put up a post talking about what kind of mod I am. BESIDES LAZY, WHICH WE ALL ALREADY KNOW.

I am not a control-freak mod. Yes, I have an idea about where I want this RP to go. But it's not my RP. It's our RP. This is an RP where things are very player-compatible. I want you all to have ideas and implement things. This is a collaborative effort!

As such, you do not have to run every plot point by me! I want you guys to be able to do whatever you want in terms of the RP, within reason. Obviously HUGE things that are going to totally change the game should be run by me (and feel free to come up with things!), and anything that will change another player's character needs to be run by that specific player. BUT those are common sense!

So, basically, nobody needs to feel like they need Mod Approval (tm) for anything to happen. Just play!
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