May. 8th, 2011


The last thing I wanted to do was make this post, but I'm quite unsure of what to do at the moment. Due to personal reasons, the community will need to be put on a hiatus, or hold, for the time being. This super bums me out with as much work as was put into it in the beginning and everything that was planned, however just with bad timing things came up that have made it difficult to put the energy into this game that's deserved. And I strongly believe that no one deserves to wait around for things to happen slowly just because mods aren't able to be on top of their game, especially when that's a huge bummer in itself having a character you're excited about and ready to play and then it taking a long time to really get them into things.

I told myself I'd want to keep this community up as long as there was even just one person interested, but it's become difficult at the moment. And I don't believe any of you deserve to be dragged down along the way waiting for things to get going if it's not able to happen here soon.

I was personally looking forward to interacting with each of you in some way as writers, as I love the characters each of you have taken the time to bring in. Please know that I'm deeply sorry for letting you down in any way. If anyone's upset, you have the right to be. Everyone hates it when something they're excited about dies; trust me I know this is the hardest part about getting yourself to join a community. Yet here I am doing the same to each of you in return.

The idea of the game is not dead, nor is the interest to play it out. I would love to get this started up again (sooner than later), but I do not want any of you feeling as if you have to wait around watching for it to happen while the community just sits here. Not only is it unfair to you, but a complete bummer. No one likes being bummed out!

With that said, if any of you still hold interest in playing here, your character is yours to keep and welcome to join back immediately once things are settled and okay again. If any of you are hesitant because you end up afraid of the same thing happening (which is always a worry, I know, and hard to trust again afterward), that's understandable. But when it comes to this community, this world, this 'verse, it deserves to be given everyone's all, which is why it has to be put on hold.

Please keep in contact with me. I'd love to keep in touch with each of you, if any of you are interested in doing the same in return. I have AIM, I have e-mail, I have a Facebook (I mean, is that creepy?). I'm open and willing on any. You're more than welcome to send me any virtual slaps on the nose for me doing this. I'll handle them well. I'll screen the comments, just in case that's more comfortable for any of you.

Also keep in contact with each other. PSLs are wonderful, and if your character has connected with anyone do not let me take that away from you. Keep building on them, especially if you are at all interested in bringing them back once the game reopens. Connecting with people, and character to character, is always awesome.

Each of you do take care, and I'm sorry again for having to do this, especially with every one of you putting your energy into this game in return. Do know that I fell in love with each of your characters for all their own reasons, whether you knew it or not.

- T

May. 5th, 2011


Excuse my absence. The past few weeks have been taken over by a case study, but it's over now! So I'm ready to play. I hope you guys are still conscious and as eager as I am. :)

May. 3rd, 2011


A query.

Before I put a bunch of work into it, is there any interest in having an aggressive, slightly angsty werewolf around? Odds are he wouldn't be in the local pack; he's not really much of a team player, and he definitely isn't good at taking orders from anyone. He's more likely to be protecting/under the protection of a vampire.

These are all tentative ideas of course.

*hopes people are still around*

Apr. 26th, 2011


Activity Checks & Updates

I just wanted to start off by saying that I do realize that this is long overdue and I'm extremely sorry! There's a few personal reasons as to the delay on many things regarding this community, but thank you all for being so patient.

There have been a few changes with some things. The first change is that holds will now last a week instead of three days, with an extension for 5. We figure this is reasonable amount of time, especially if things come up in life that may prevent someone from getting around to applying when they had intended to, or in case InsaneJournal has any more crazy surprises for us.

With activity checks --

Everyone is safe and there will be no removals. We are fairly lenient with the activity checks as we don't expect anyone's life to revolve around the community. Seeing your face around for the time being is enough for us. :) However, if within the two weeks that each check comes we will take it upon ourselves to then give you a little poke about seeing you around. Then if we don't hear from you by then, we'll decide further actions.

With that said, we'd still love to encourage you guys to interact with one another as well as bring in others to come join us!

Again, thank you all for being patient.

Apr. 15th, 2011


So better late than never, finally have the internet back, but we ended up losing a ton of electronics. :(

Anyways, I am Angel and I have two characters here. The lovely Aveline Dubois, and Prince Siobhan O'Sullivan.

Aveline is not a complicated person, she's just curious about everything that the human world has to offer her. She has pretty much forced her sister Evelyn to tag along with her to the human world, so they can 'Learn what the humans have to offer.'.

Siobhan is a Ventrue to the bone, she's regal and very proper when it comes to her status in the human and supernatural world. Though once she is out of the limelight, some have compared her to a Malk. Seeming both sane and insane at the same time.

Both of their information can be found in their journals, [info]princesio and [info]avelinedubois. I'm open for lines for both of them!


Howdy! My name is Tabby and I'm the writer behind Veronica here! She is the Bolverk in the local wolf pack, and before her infection with lycanthrope she held the power to produce and control fire. She's a very complicated person, spending most of her childhood in the mental health facility. She is from Savannah, GA, but spent alot of years in south Texas.

I'm pretty much open for any type of lines that you want to throw at me. :) You can find any of her information in her journal, along with a list of personality disorders that she currently has. >.> Anyways, I feel like I'm talking nonsense, so feel free to contact me here or the OOC post on the journal! I'm excited to start playing!

Apr. 14th, 2011


Update & News 4/14/2011

Hey everyone!

I'm glad to see the first week has been successful and that everyone is interacting with one another--that's fantastic! I just wanted to give you guys a brief update on some things that are going on.

First things first: We have some new members as well as have had a removal! Don't forget to run the friends button and get your friends up to date. If for whatever reason you are not allowed access to the friends button or find other areas have been restricted that should be open to you as a member, please let the mods know! It could be a silly mistake on our part, and the sooner we know about it the sooner we can make sure everything's properly working. For convenient access, you can find the friends button right here!

Secondly: If all of you wouldn't mind heading on over to the character directory and double check that all your information there is correct. If you find a mistake, let us know and we'll get it fixed right away.

Third: The character limit has been updated! Originally there was a 3 character limit, but that was kind of silly so behold the NEW limit: ... limitless.

Right now we have no worry about the amount of characters someone wants to hold in the game as long as they feel they can properly handle them. The new rules regarding multiple characters can be found over here on the rules page.

In other news, very soon we'll be updating everyone with regular news story and progression within the plot. We have plenty of things in mind regarding all races and even some that only affects certain people, however we'd love to hear your ideas! On this post feel free to interact freely with one another and the mods discussing some things you'd love to see happen, or even any general questions you have regarding plot progression or what could happen in the game. We'd very much like to have regular group discussions so everyone feels involved with the game's direction, so consider this one one of the first to come.

Thanks everyone! If you need something cleared up just let me know and I'll do my best to help you out.

- T.

Apr. 11th, 2011

[info]princesio house was hit by lightning so we have no internet for a while. :( Hiatus for a short time.

this goes for ~avelinedubois too.